Metallic and Exotic Handbags for 2009 - Sun, 24 May 2009, 00:00 EST

  * Handbags with pendants and buckles: if you are an original woman who loves being appreciated and admired for her extreme elegance, you can't do without a luxury handbag decorated with gorgeous accessories such as refined pendants made of pearls and shining rhinestones or round buckles. Even the simplest style of bag, enriched by decorative buckles and scarf-pins and crystals will appear sensual and elegant, capturing the attention of everybody around you. Summer is a scintillating season, full of enjoyable experiences and special occasions: let it be even brighter, wearing your gorgeous decorated bag; the comfort of a high quality bag and the refinement of decorative accessories are perfect for a really stunning and sensual woman!!!

* Metallic bags: they are mainly characterized by the return of metallic tonalities such as turquoise, green, silver and gold, very vivid and sometimes shocking colors whose main task is to make your days fantastic and exciting, and as dynamic as you are. Wearing such gorgeous bags, your style won't go unnoticed and everybody will be captivated by your refined originality. Perfect both during the day and with an evening look, they will give you brightness and undisputed elegance.

  * Prestigious exotic bags: luxury handcrafted python, crocodile and ostrich handbags will be incredibly fashionable this spring-summer 2009, made in many innovative fashion colors, according to the most exciting shades proposed by the top fashion houses. Exotic leather bags will give your look a further touch of refinement and prestige thanks to the excellent qualities of the leather itself, carefully hand worked and hand dyed by experienced craftsmen who pay attention to each detail, assuring you a product which is steeped in tradition and craftsmanship. Exotic leathers such as python, crocodile and ostrich skin, are very soft to the touch and, caressing them, your fingers will feel a pleasant sensation of harmony. Colors are rich, vivid and perfectly absorbed by the leathers themselves, but the same color has a different effect on each of them, due to the different qualities of the leather and its natural shapes and designs. Having a luxury exotic bag in your wardrobe is extremely important to denote your social status, giving you importance and prestige.

  * Black handbags: never mind whether it's summer or winter, warm or cold: black handbags are perfect in any season. While some colors are considered typical winter shades, black is always fashionable, in winter as in summer. Black is the color of elegance, of sensuality and refinement, the most popular shade for evening or special occasion dresses just because it enhances the elegance and the charm of a woman.

 it just a means to enhance your appearence or is it fundamental to the life of today's woman?