Change in Luxury over the Years - Sun, 24 May 2009, 00:00 EST

Wearing a gorgeous accessory or a luxury dress is always very special for a woman because, through a luxury item, she can also express her taste, refinement, outlook and her sensual femininity. A luxury handbag accessory enhances her charm and her beauty, highlighting love for her body and her personality and her physical aspect.

The concept of luxury has changed over the years. The word "luxury" has different connotations than in the past now. This term has evolved with the changing face of society and, above all, with the different role that woman has gained in modern society in recent years, a position which has allowed her to express herself in all her natural beauty and restrained elegance.

In the past, women had an idea of luxury as something purely aesthetic and superfluous, a concept mainly for rich society ladies who wanted to appear in society and be noticed. Luxury was seen as synonym of eccentricity; the lover of luxury was almost always a woman loving her and whose main role in life was to be looked at and admired for her dress and for her physical beauty.

Today's concept of luxury with the current generation can be considered similar to the idea of luxury in the past in some ideological aspects, even though it shows some notable differences. Woman, as already indicated, is gaining a more privileged role in society every day. She leads many political parties, she is manager of many important industries and her life is very busy. She has to flying from one country to another; spend a lot of time away from home, always dealing with people. Her role of responsibility and power must be supported by a physical look that is as reassuring as her promises, so she has to pay a lot of attention to the care of her image, always choosing something stylish but also sober and elegant, which enhances her as a businessperson and as a woman. She wears luxury dresses, where luxury is here a synonym of elegance and high quality, the guarantee of a product which sets off the figure perfectly and remains impeccable in any situation, even after a long day's work. She needs a dress or an accessory which allows her to spend the whole day out and about, without any problem or risk, with the certainty of always having by her side a product of excellent quality which doesn't ever let her down.

A luxury item today has to satisfy not only a woman's wish to appear seductive, refined and charming, but also her desire for comfort and practicality. The business woman today needs to feel caressed and pampered by her luxury product. She is no longer prepared to suffer in order to appear sensual and gorgeous (as our grandmothers did) but she wants the best of quality with the maximum comfort.

And what do you think of a luxury item? Is it just a means to enhance your appearence or is it fundamental to the life of today's woman?