Italian Luxury handbags for Men - Sun, 24 May 2009, 00:00 EST

Men's bags are taking the fashion world and around the world by storm this season - no longer are they a purely practical and dull accessory, but men are being given choices of materials, design and style that have never existed before. Stylish young men at the forefront of fashion and it's trends will know exactly what to avoid and what will suit them, but how does a man, who has never until now though of carrying any sort of bag beyond a briefcase or a backpack, know what to choose?

This is a guide to help men find a bag that is masculine and practical, as well as being stylish.

If you work and live in continental Europe or in a cosmopolitan city, designer handbags for men may already be accepted as useful accessories. After all messenger bag or a courier is something that men have been using for decades, especially younger men who don't carry a briefcase but still need something to carry all their essentials in to work or on the weekend.

It is the new brand and label "man bag", thought up in the last decade to market bags to men that has brought attention to the trend of men looking for more stylish alternatives to the conventional and often dull briefcase. Bags for men are here to stay, and if you are ready to move on from the briefcase, but are worried about getting it wrong, here are some guidelines to help you find a bag that works for you without any danger of it being mistaken for a ladies handbag!

  1. Choose a bag for its utility/functionality. Look for internal pockets and spaces that will take all the gadgets that you need to carry.

  2. Choose a simple but structured style. Look for clean and stylish straight lines and avoid gathered materials and curvy shapes.

  3. Choose good quality leather, which will wear well. Nylon backpacks and bags are not at all stylish and shouldn't be combined with work or formal wear. Canvas is a good option for casual use.

  4. Go for a plain color, avoid patterns and fancy decorations. Black or brown are best to start off with until you have the confidence to become more adventurous.

  5. Try starting off with a traditionally male bag style, like a fishing bag, or a messenger bag, satchels with shoulder straps that are stylish without being too cutting edge. When you are comfortable with the idea, if you want to, you can then move on to trying out the men's totes and carryalls that are all over the fashion shows right now.

So what are you waiting for? Your pockets no longer need to be stuffed with your wallet, phone, business cards, headset, camera, penknife and all the rest, which ruin the stylish line of your clothes; you can transfer it all into your bag and never worry about losing your flash drive to the washing machine again!