Gladys Knight branded jewelry line - Sun, 21 May 2009, 00:00 EST

Gladys Knight branded jewelry line

Los Angeles-- Robert Rose Jewelry and The LaRoda Group have announced the creation of the Gladys Knight Jewelry Line, a collection of fine branded fashion accessories in honor of the legendary R and B icon 'Gladys Knight'.

Gladys Knight, an award-winning songwriter and singer, as well as an accomplished actress, businesswoman, humanitarian and author, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 for her chart-topping recordings as a member of the world-renowned singing group, the Pips and Gladys Knight.

According to The LaRoda Group, Chief Executive Officer Barrett LaRoda, Gladys Knight, has been involved with every phase of the design and styles creating process for the jewelry line, which will be carried by major department stores and on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) staring this December.

The jewelry line will include products such as Fair Trade beads, recycled glass and parts made from 'Taqua' nuts, a sustainable rainforest crop often referred to as "vegetable ivory," to coincide with Knight's beliefs on creating environment friendly natural products that are environmentally friendly and help create jobs.

"My team and I were impressed with Gary Rose, the chief executive officer of Robert Rose Jewelry, and its family oriented organization, as well as its mission to provide quality jewelry for the working woman and appeal to those who are just fashion forward," Gladys Knight said in a press/media release. "The affordable prices of the new line, along with its quality and attention to family, are an unbeatable combination."

According to the release, the team that surrounds Knight has always been very careful about lending her brand name to projects.

"After more than 50 years in the entertainment industry, Ms. Knight has worked very hard to maintain a level of 'excellence' and has searched for products to potentially endorse that bring that same effort. To this end, we believe that Gladys Knight and Robert Rose Jewelry will be a perfect combination." Gladys Knight lends talent to new jewelry line which will be branded for long term strategy.

The Los Angeles based LaRoda Group, is in a licensing, intellectual and branding properties company, as well as a partner in Sammy Davis Jr. Enterprises Inc.

New York based, Robert Rose Jewelry, offers stylish, quality jewelry at affordable prices at department and specialty stores throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.