Robin Givhan Fashion Editor of Washington Post, to Cover Michelle Obama, DC Style

Robin Givhan Fashion Editor of Washington Post, to Cover Michelle Obama, DC Style

GivhanRobin Givhan- Fashion Editor Robin, style and fashion editor for the Washington Post recently put her Upper West Side apartment on the market in anticipation of her impending move back to Washington, D.C.

NY Mag reported that Givhan is moving "to be closer to the glamorous First Family and incorporate the Obamas into her beat for the Style section" - especially the style sense and fashion of Michelle Obama - and quotes the fashion critic as saying, "I could not figure out how to cover the White House from New York" when they met up with her recently at the Savannah College of Design and Art: Étoile Awards in late March.

Despite Givhan's focus on the style of the First Family, today's Page Six reports that the move to Washington may not have been the fashion editor's idea:

"Robin Givhan the Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion editor of the Washington Post, is moving back to DC after 9 years in New York - and some folks are wondering if the move was her idea or her boss's. 'I'll continue to write about fashion, but will focus most of my attention on covering the Obamas,' Givhan told Page Six. 'Was it my choice? Of course. Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to chronicle history?'

But a source snarked, 'I suspect that new publisher Katharine Weymouth wants her Washington Post fashion editor in Washington covering fashion in Washington.' Givhan once applied for a job at the New York Times. "You could say that Times men found her salary demands excessive,' the source said. She went to Vogue instead and then to the Washington Post, where she kicked up controversy with an essay on Hillary Clinton's 'startling' and 'unnerving' cleavage."

Whatever the motivation and reasons behind Givhan's return to Washington, D.C., we suspect leaving the fashion hub that is New York City will not adversely affect her coverage of fashion chic and style trends. Especially not when Michelle Obama has become such a hot fashion topic of late.

Hopefully Givhan will incorporate this into her fashion and style column, adding more depth to some of the recent fascination obsession? with the fashion choices of Ms. Obama, which risks cheapening the importance of her role as First Lady. Admittedly, the style of first ladies, past and present, has always been a source of interest, but we're hoping for more substance than the standard "Jackie O. was the embodiment of class and a fashion icon" or "Hillary Clinton's style needs help" commentary.

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