Know Everything About Vogue's Global Fashion Celebration to Celebrate Fashion

Added: June 17, 2009

International editions of Vogue magazine plan a simultaneous "fashion celebration night" in 13 cities in September to fight off global economic blues, its publisher Conde Nast said Monday.

From London to New York to Milan and Mumbai, the magazine will invite its readers from different countries as well as others in the Conde Nast group -- GQ, Vogue Hommes, Glamour, AD -- to join the September 10 event "to celebrate the fashion industry."

"It seems important to mobilise to celebrate fashion, and show that despite the difficult times we more than ever need the enchantment and pleasure fashion brings," said Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld in a statement.

In cities involved in the event, luxury stores will remain open to shoppers till late with Vogue writers, models and designers offering lessons in style.

Xavier Romatet, who heads Publications Conde Nast, said the idea was "to revive consumers' taste for fashion and shopping."

Vogue magazine is planning a celebration night in 13 cities in September. In an attempt to fight global economic woes, Vogue is inviting its readers of Vogue, GQ, Vogue Hommes, Glamour and AD.

During the event, certain luxury stores "will remain open to shoppers till late with Vogue writers, models, and designers offering lessons in style."

The idea is intended to "revive consumers' taste for fashion and shopping" according to Xavier Romatat. Vogues fashion celebration is intended to ride the global economic slump and for the hope of the good times for the fashion times ahead. Global economic slump have affected almost every global fashion houses and designers and many world famous fashion house has decided to cut their spending and concentrate more on new trend and new ideas with less out of the box ideas and more commercial success oriented.

Vogue with it's fashion celebration is leading from the front during the tough times to send the good message of the fashion good times ahead and how to be stylish during a recession without paying a small fortune on clothing and new cloths.

Vogue has bought out several clothing series and products which are world famous and have been trend setters and this time vogue is bringing affordable fashion to everyone not only to the ultra rich but to all.