Know Everything About Slow and Solid Fashion Investments

Added: June 16, 2009

Spend your money wisely this season: invest in quality statement pieces for your wardrobe that you will wear and wear, pieces that define your look but are also classic enough in style to last you for years:-

  * A beautiful handbag in exotic leather

  * A top quality winter coat

  * Quality shoes that will complement your look

Luxury fashion

When fears of recession are in the air it seems obvious that people would cut back on luxury fashion purchases, but according to many up-market fashion outlets in the UK and US that is not happening at present. What they have noticed is that women are instead focussing on luxury products that they feel are good investments.

The latest buzz words in the fashion world are 'slow fashion' and 'investment dressing'. An excess of consumerism and short-lived fashion fads is giving way to a focus on quality and classics. People are buying fewer items but making sure they are good quality and that they will last, returning to old style values that the truly chic have never abandoned, those of building up a wardrobe of stylish classics that you can combine and re-combine to give yourself a uniquely elegant look.

For example, rather than splashing out on a frivolous dress that will only get one wearing, many women now prefer to spend a considerable amount buying an excellent quality winter coat, which they will wear day after day and which represents very good value when you consider its cost-per-wear ratio. The trend is moving away from short term 'disposable fashion' with fads that change from season to season, towards up-dated classic styles, like the belted trench coat or the pea coat, that will last for a long time and see you through several winters. Boutiques in London report that they are selling out of the most popular styles of winter coats already, such is the demand.

We have noticed the same tendencies in the handbag world too. Quality is the benchmark and women are choosing classic styles in top quality leathers as investments, knowing that this is the bag they will be wearing everywhere they go and that it is one of the most important statement-making fashion items they will buy this year. Frivolous novelty handbags are staying on the shelves, while classic Birkin and Kelly style handbags, structured totes and frame bags in crocodile, python and ostrich are in demand.