Know Everything About Silver handbags: everlasting refinement and charm

Added: June 16, 2009

Silver color of purses

The color silver, in our opinion, can definitely be counted as one of those 'evergreen' colors that are not affected by the passing of the years or the changes and developments in the fashion world. Silver has always held a prime position as one of the colors that is most in demand and appreciated, especially in the leather goods sector. Among the many colors available in our collection, our silver products, in particular silver handbags, have topped the sales list for many years, proving that this color is not a fleeting fashion choice, but has become a real must-have item throughout the world, an essential color for any self-respecting handbag collection.

Many women order their handbag in silver, especially when they are buying small bags or purses for the evening or for special occasions, to complement the effect of their dress or shoes. Often the shoes are even matched to the color and leather of their handbag, because silver has always been the epitome of elegance and refinement.

Our python skin is perfectly suited to enhancing the extraordinary pureness of the color silver, setting off its scintillating brilliance even more: we have thus decided to create two distinct shades of silver for you to choose from when ordering your luxury silver handbag.

Silver python tote

IRIDE (iridescent silver): this is a new color created by our artisans especially for those of our customers who love to wear a handbag with silver tones, but want a softer and subtler tone than ARGENTO VIVO. This is a pale color, tending towards white and pearl gray, but under bright light or caught in the rays of sunshine, its amazing beauty and elegance shine out, emanating reflections of silver and gold mixed together. The natural design of python skin is maintained and accentuated by this play of light. IRIDE is a really sensational color that is both elegant and original, and it has immediately been enthusiastically received by many of our customers, who have been looking for a really 'alternative' color, that is subtle and glamorous. With its restrained elegance IRIDE can be used both for making small purses and elegant evening bags, as well as making comfortable, bigger handbags that combine practicality and prestige in one unique bag. It is certainly a color that you will never tire of. On the contrary it will gladden your heart every time you admire your silver handbag in this beautiful shade!

At the moment we only have these two types of silver available to make our exotic leather products, but we are seriously considering adding further shades of silver to our collection, perhaps even making silver handbags in simple calfskin and, why not, even perhaps making our professional range of briefcases and portfolios available in silver, so that your professional life can also be more cheerful and &ldots;luminous!

Silver python clutch

ARGENTO VIVO (bright silver): this is the typical bright silver color, brilliant and scintillating, which is mostly in demand for special occasion handbags, where elegance is de rigueur and even a simple accessory like a handbag or purse becomes a precious jewel to enrich your outfit and make that special occasion even more special and memorable. This shade of silver is frequently ordered by brides, who want to make their wedding day as perfect as possible and choose to enhance their look with one of our elegant creations made especially in silver, so that they will look even more radiant and glowing, but which will at the same time add a touch of glamour and originality to their look.

The brilliance and luster of our silver handbags can be enhanced even more by the type of skin used to make them. The natural scales of python, for example, produce wonderful effects and plays of color, enhancing the sparkle of the handbag itself even more. The natural patterns of the python skin disappear emphasizing the luminous aspect of this leather as well as its wonderful natural softness.