Know Everything About Handbag Personalities

Added: June 17, 2009

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Fashion handbags60% of women own more than 10 handbags and 3% have at least 25, according to international statistics recently published! Are you one of them? Or do you have a different approach to handbags?

The fashion staff has used our experience of the world of handbags to put together a light-hearted look at different philosophies of bag ownership.

Try this fun quiz to see which bag personality sounds most like you, then turn to the results below to see if you and Fashion are a perfect match!

1. One Bag Fits All

You like a fairly classic bag, but it must be practical and big enough to fit all you need. You're not too worried about what it is made of, as long as it is light to carry, easy to clean and above all can be used whatever the occasion. You don't want the bother of switching between bags and like just to have one functional bag. You value the practicality and usability of your handbag more than its quality and look.

2. Classic and Perfectly Proportioned

You like a classic medium-sized handbag, which must be of good quality materials and well-made. You choose a bag with useful internal compartments, as you like everything to have its place in your bag, so you can be efficient and well organized. You don't need a large bag, because you know how to make the best use of space and don't carry around loads of unnecessary clutter.

3. New Year, New Bag

You like to change your bag about once a year and know exactly when the moment comes to look for a new one. You make your choice with care, considering this year's hottest trends, and finding a good quality bag that suits your lifestyle. You usually have a favourite label and always choose a bag from that maker, checking out their new collections with great care.

4. The Designer Collection

You stick to well known designer labels and are prepared to spend all your disposable income on your handbags. If you possibly can, you will collect all the models of handbag by your favourite designer. You don't care so much about the bag's color, style, materials or size. The important thing for you is to have the latest bag.