Know Everything About Fashion and Coats

Added: June 16, 2009

A winter coat is important, but when you enter a restaurant you hand it over. It is your handbag that stays with you every moment of your day, your handbag that needs to be at once versatile, comfortable and elegant, look good both with your coat and the outfit you are wearing underneath, be practical and comfortable enough to keep all your things easily accessible and above all beautiful enough to inspire you with confidence and complement your whole image.

With all these roles to fill it is easy to see why it is so important to invest in quality when you buy a new handbag. Good quality leathers, both calfskin and exotics like python, ostrich and crocodile, actually improve with use and age, as long as they are well cared for. They become more supple and take on a subtle patina that advertises their quality. While cheap handbags will lose their shape, fade and become dull, or maybe even come unstitched after a few outings, a quality bag will last for years - many crocodile handbags have become family heirlooms, handed down from mother to daughter and treasured. The secret of buying a future heirloom is to choose a classic style that will always be in fashion. Look at the Kelly bag that has been fashionable for upwards of fifty years!

Bear in mind the 'slow fashion' criteria too, when you select a handbag.

  * Look for a handbag that has been ethically produced, created by skilled artisans that have been paid a proper wage, rather than in exploitative sweatshops.

  * Look for a handbag that has been produced in one country, not flown around the world notching up air miles and a huge carbon footprint, to have a strap sewn on in one country, a label in another etc.

  * Above all when buying exotic leather handbags make sure it comes from an approved and documented source, with appropriate certification, so that it is not contributing to illegal poaching of endangered species.

A handbag that has been ethically produced in this way, is much more likely to be of high quality - a 100% Made in Italy label is a good guarantee of this, usually indicating that a product has been hand-crafted by expert Italian artisans, who have been in the leather industry for generations and produce beautiful handbags with love and care, that are infused with Italian style and quality.

One thing is for sure, when you choose your handbag carefully, you really will be able to enjoy it for years and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have invested your money wisely &ldots; and, what is more, you get to enjoy your investment every single day!