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Added: June 16, 2009

When we think about fashion, our mind immediately turns to the gorgeous and much anticipated collections presented both in March and in September by the most renowned designers for the winter or the summer season (according to the period these collections are shown). We associate this word with some wonderful cities such as Paris, London, New York and Milan where these fashion weeks periodically take place, capturing the attention of thousands of buyers and journalists from all over the world. Cities such as Paris or Milan are considered the capitals of haute couture because it's there that you can find the most gorgeous ateliers, the best boutiques, the very latest in the matter of elegance and luxury.

Italian high fashion is closely associated with the famous Milanese "fashion quadrilateral", where, beautiful designer boutiques and selected stores flourish and the shop-windows display the ultimate trends in the fashion world.

But how did fashion develop through the years? Has Milan always been the capital of Italian fashion?

Who was the first European designer?

Where did the first Italian fashion show take place?

How did Italian fashion influence the United States and the American movie stars?

We've been doing some research to discover all these interesting facts concerning the magical world of fashion and now we'd like to share the results of our analysis with you.

We have created a category where you can finally read interesting facts, historical events and everything you have always wanted to know about the enthralling world of fashion. We will periodically publish here some posts just focused on fashion and when it took its first steps in Europe and in particular in Italy.

Please feel free to interact with us, writing to us with your knowledge and your personal point of view! We would really appreciate it!


[...] At this point, you might easily assume that fashion was really born in Milan many years ago, that the first fashion designer was an Italian and that our country has always been the undisputed leader of fashion all around the world!!!!

Italy, and in particular Milan has certainly given a valuable contribution to the development of fashion trends and styles in the world, but it can't take the credit for having given birth to the very first "fashion designer".

The birth of the Italian fashion style: Florence challenges Paris!!!

This innovative idea of a fashion show offering both the famous and emerging Italian designers the opportunity of presenting their creations to an international audience and gaining popularity and prestige overseas, was conceptualized by the Florentine aristocrat Giovan Battista Giorgini.