Know Everything About 2009 London fashion week and Designer handbags

Added: June 17, 2009

2009 London fashion week and Designer handbags

What about the new trends as regards handbags? Which style of handbags will be in fashion next spring/summer 2009, according to what was proposed by the British fashion houses?

New trends handbags - London fashion week

British fashion houses, unlike most of the Italian and French designers, don't often accessorize their creations on the catwalk with handbags. Many top models sashay down the runway empty-handed giving the impression of a woman who is completely free and self reliant. (We'll go into this in more detail in our next article, summarizing the new fashion trends for next spring/ summer 2009 according to what has been proposed by the most important world-famous fashion houses, comparing and contrasting their similarities and their main points of difference.)

Here we have focused on those "few" designers who have decided to accessorize some of their creations with a fashionable bag, so that we can give you the best overview possible of the new British trends for 2008-2009 as regards handbag fashions.

Charles Anastase accessorizes his creations with medium-sized handbags clasped by the woman in her hand. Regardless of whether the handbag is provided with a strap or not, you will be fashionable only if you clasp it in your hand, as a simple clutch. If you just don't like wearing your handbag like that, you have a second option: hold it by the handles, like a business bag.


Unique proposes a large, rigid bag like a suit-case, obviously to be carried in your hand, like a suit-case, to give the woman ease and absolute comfort in each situation, thanks to its dimensions. For the evening look, Topshop Unique too, like many other European designers, imagines the woman clasping her clutch in hand with pride and security, even though these clutches are often big and cumbersome.

Woman, according to Graeme Black, is an ethereal creature wearing white clothes and white accessories. Everything is white, clutches too, which are always clasped in the hand, conferring on her style a more glamorous touch.

Unlike the French designers presenting their collections at Paris fashion week, British ones see clutches not only as an elegant, classical style of handbag but also as a comfortable, practical item: British clutches are certainly wider and bigger than French clutches, more functional but also more cumbersome to wear.