French Vogue to Become Frugal in Response to the Global Recession

French Vogue to Become Frugal in Response to the Global Recession

Carine Roitfeld, editor-in-chief, French Vogue has called for French Vogue to become frugal to reflect the current economic recession. "I think we need to become more frugal," claims Roitfeld, though "not on quality ... just on organization."Carine Roitfeld is considered by many to be one of the most fashionable women in the world, only reinforcing the stereotype of the incredibly stylish French woman.

Roitfeld has been at the helm of French Vogue for the past 8 years and works with a relatively small but amazing team to put together one of the most prestigious and fine fashion magazines in the world, every month. Despite the fact that the circulation of French Vogue pales in comparison to that of American Vogue helmed by Anna Wintour the numbers are at 139,000 versus 1.3 million it is still considered to be one of the most "fashion forward" and influential of the big-name fashion magazines.

The French Vogue editor recognizes that there is increasing excess and frivolity in the behind-the-scenes world of fashion magazine publishing. "Some things got too far away. There were people who were flying private jets; we need to go back to reality." She also points out that the number of people involved in decision-making has increased unnecessarily. For example, she often sees upwards of 25 or more people at a meeting to discuss a fashion photo shoot, whereas a few years ago there were less than 10 people accomplishing the same task.

In light of the global economic scenario, Roitfeld says that the best solution, is creativity. "I don't want to take the money out of the beauty of the picture, I don't want to change the paper of the magazine, I don't want to change the materials, but we can do it another way ... When it's more difficult you have to be more creative."

Since taking the helm at French Vogue, Roitfeld has seen increase in circulation up to 27 percent. Advertising revenue has also increased more than 10 percent. The president of Condé Nast Publications, Vogue's parent company, describes Ms. Roitfeld as "probably the most creative person I've met in my life," adding that she is acutely aware of what her readers want.

With her undeniable fashion sense and keen instincts, whatever strategy Roitfeld decides upon will most likely bring French Vogue, and her, continued success.

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