When we talk of eternity rings, we are mostly referring to the rings that are exchanged by people who are close and that want a sign to signify their friendship. These are rings that have sentimental value to the two people that are exchanging them. This is not new. Rings have been part of human interaction for as long as we can remember. They can be made of anything from fine gold, to diamond, to steel and also other precious stones. There is really no limit to the material that can be used to create an eternity ring because its significance is all that matters. There is also a general consensus that the deeper the relationship, the more people seem to invest in the ring although there are obvious exceptions to this rule. There are different occasions in which eternity rings are exchanged and we shall now examine them.

The most sentimental of these occasions is a wedding. There is perhaps no other time that rings mean something more than at a wedding ceremony. During a wedding, expensive rings are exchanged. It has been mostly the custom of ring exchanges to have the man give a ring to a woman that he loves but when it comes to a wedding both the man and the woman exchange rings. In a wedding arrangement, the man provides the ring to the woman and the woman's family buys the ring for the groom. This is an acceptable way of exchanging eternity rings.

Another occasion when eternity rings are exchanged is during an engagement. This is the time that precedes a wedding. When a man and a woman fall in love, the next step if they have made up their minds to get married is to become engaged. This is an occasion where the two commit to each other and start working toward a wedding. During this occasion which is usually very memorable, the man "proposes" to the woman usually in a gesture where he kneels down and offers a ring to the woman of his love. This ring is usually expensive although as we said, the intentions are what matters.

These are perhaps the two most common times to exchange eternity rings. But these by no means the only ones. Eternity rings are exchanges when two people commit to a lifelong friendship especially when that friendship is threatened with separation. This separation is usually distance. For instance, people exchange eternity rings when they are leaving high school and going off to different colleges. Girls are more prone to do this than boys and more friendship eternity rings are bought and exchanged by girls than by boys.

The best place to shop for eternity rings is online. This is because there are literally hundreds of types of rings and at equally varied prices. Different jewelers sell rings at different prices and the only way to shop for the best prices is to comb through the different websites that sell eternity rings.