An eternity ring is something that signifies a strong bond - may it be for friendship or an intimate relationship. It is some sort of a ritual that has been present roughly four thousand years ago. Ancient Egyptians are the forerunners of this tradition. Just as we see it, a ring is made of a piece of metal and then connected end to end to make a circle. This symbolizes a continuous and unbreakable pact. Some people embed stones and jewels to decorate the eternity ring.

In the early times, rings are given to people whom you feel bound to by love or by friendship. It signifies an endless love to someone close to your heart. This is not so much different from the current situation. People still give rings to those that they hold dear.

Certain events in our lives need to be remembered with a memento. For instance, the graduation day is also the last day that you would see your friends. You eventually need to part ways and carry on with your personal lives. Exchanging eternity rings is a sign that even if they do not see each other again, their friendship would still carry on.

Another occasion where giving an eternity ring is important would be during a proposal for marriage. Engagements rings are something that women are really proud of. Usually, men are the givers of the rings, while women are the recipients. Specifically, it is because men are the ones asking for the hand of women for marriage. However, women also have the option to give their men a ring as a gift, being engaged and all.

Parents and children exchange eternity rings whenever there is a need for a member of the family to go somewhere else, like going abroad perhaps. These are instances when they won't be able to see each other a long time. Although the bond between parent and child is not easily broken, the exchange of rings enhances this attachment.

And who can forget the most popular occasion when two people of the opposite sex exchange rings? There is no other occasion that the eternity ring becomes more important than anything else but the wedding. Rings enhance the vows made by the couple for each other: to eternally love and serve each other forever.

Rings can be made of different material such as silver, bronze and gold. It can even be made by the combination of these three. To further beautify it, precious stones such as diamond, ruby, opal and a lot more are added on it. The more precious the stone is, the more expensive is the ring. And yet, it does not matter whatever the ring is made of. The important thing is the thought and the intention that goes with gifting the eternity ring.