Eternity rings are very popular choices for wedding bands or anniversary rings. Their timeless beauty will never go out of style. When you are selecting an eternity ring for the one you love, there are a few things you should consider. First, what kind of precious metal should you select? It may be obvious if you are matching an existing engagement ring. If not, then you may need to educate yourself on the different types of metals available, their properties, and the pros and cons of each.

Gold has been the most popular choice in rings for centuries. Twenty four karat gold is pure gold. It is way too soft to use in most jewelry making. When purchasing eternity rings, you do not want the gold to be so soft that it bends easily but can be resized easily. This can cause you to loose stones. Also, the gold surface would be so soft that it would easily be scratched up and start looking dull. Eighteen karat gold is fairly soft, but some prefer the color of eighteen karat gold to fourteen karat. Their durability is very close, but eighteen karat has a slightly darker color. Compare the two when you are shopping for eternity rings and you can decide which you might prefer. Keep in mind that the eighteen karat gold eternity rings will need to be treated with a little more care than the fourteen karat rings. They are a little bit softer and less durable. If the ring you are buying will be worn every day, then fourteen karat may be a better choice for durability.

When most people talk about gold, they are referring to yellow gold, gold's natural color. Some people prefer white gold. White gold is mixed with other metals and can have slightly different shades of yellow in it. If the white gold eternity ring you are looking at has nickel in it, then you may want to check with the person you are buying it for and make sure that they are not allergic to nickel. Many people are and you should find out what metals are included in your white gold before you purchase it. The white gold that is the whitest is rhodium plated gold. The rhodium plating looks very nice, very shiny and very white. The plating will not chip off, but keep in mind that it can wear off over time. The white gold ring will eventually start to look more like yellow gold, and you will need to get it replated.

Platinum is the most popular choice in eternity rings today, and for good reason. It costs more, but the durability, quality and beauty of it wins hands down when it comes to precious metals. Platinum is white, like white gold, but it won't wear down and turn yellow over time like white gold. The shine of platinum seems to be deeper and it makes diamonds really stand out with more sparkle when it is used as the setting. Platinum eternity rings have small diamonds and a platinum band can really make each one count. The shine, sparkle and durability of color make platinum a very fine choice. Another important thing to note about platinum is that it is hypoallergenic and holds diamonds and gemstones more securely than other metals. Platinum is heavier than other metals and is sure to impress the one you love.