Want To Know Everything About Genuine Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding band sets are available for both halves of the partnership or just for the woman if the man prefers to remain traditional. Many men feel self-conscious of wearing diamond rings, even though so many are now turning to them. Shopping for diamond wedding rings is much more enjoyable when both halves of the engaged couple are seeking a beautiful diamond, or a number of smaller brilliant diamonds set in a gorgeous 14 carat gold setting.

For men the wearing of diamonds is slightly more limited than perhaps for women. The most obvious choices for wearing diamonds are a single earring, cufflinks or perhaps a diamond ring, and a wedding ring is ideal for the man seeking a good reason to wear diamonds. There is a wide range of choice of diamond wedding rings online, and any man or woman should find it easy to find something to suit their particular style, whether they are traditional or prefer something more hip-hop or bling.

Nor need wedding rings be restricted to clear diamonds. You can get a beautiful diamond ring with 2.6 carats of white and blue diamonds set in 14 K gold for under $1200 online, or a simple solitaire diamond wedding ring for under $300. You have to know where to look, because good prices for genuine traditionally cut diamonds are not easy find.

A diamond ring of any make has a very clear and distinct message to express about its owner. Simply sliding a diamond ring onto your finger will help to make you feel transformed and confident in your own success. Indeed very little can compare to a diamond to make a bold and simple statement about success, and the message that such a ring suggests is unmistakable.

However, just any old diamond ring will not do, and a woman's diamond wedding ring in particular should consist of perfectly cut glittering diamonds that transform light into a breathtaking display of dazzling reflected and refracted iridescence that will turn ever woman around you green with envy. Such a statement of wealth and success is difficult to emulate, and even for a man such a ring is more than just desirable. If bling is your thing then it is a must.

No hip-hop wedding would be complete without hers and his bling diamond wedding rings. Think of a muscular 14 carat gold men's ring, set with 2 carats of blue princess cut diamonds, highlighted with round black diamonds. That is a serious ring, but if you like yours even more dazzling, you can buy almost 1.7 carats of pave set round cut white diamonds that offers serious sparkle for any lover of bling.

Why not complete the look with a fabulous iced out diamond watch - but make sure you don't out-dazzle your bride. You will never be forgiven for that. Allow her to outshine you by purchasing her 3.88 carats of princess and round cut diamonds, pave set into 14 carat yellow gold. This is a real sparkler that she is going to love you for. A diamond wedding ring to kill for.

For the other half in your life a diamond wedding ring is a lifetime purchase, so make sure that you get the best you can afford. The way to do that is to buy online from a jeweler that offers you genuine diamonds at bargain prices. You don't find these jewelry stores in your local shopping mall - or if you can then you are very lucky. They can be found online, though, if you know what to look for, and you can save a massive amount of money. Make sure, however, that are getting genuine diamonds in your diamond eternity rings because many will try to fob you off with fakes.

Insist on genuine diamonds because nothing possesses the brilliance and ability to reflect and refract light than a real diamond: you can easily tell the real thing, and so can others whose admiring glances will rapidly fade when they realize what you are wearing.

So, real genuinely cut diamonds in real gold settings, and you will be buying the diamond wedding rings that you both deserve, and that will last forever so you can wear them proudly for the rest of your lives.