Know Everything About Meaningful Wedding Rings, Gems, and the Astrology of Love

The human yearning for love is one of the most powerful instincts. It is a mother’s love that assures the survival of her infant, and as adults we need loving connections with others in order to lead healthy, happy, meaningful lives. Through relationships with our parents, mate, children, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and many others, our heart is gently opened to both giving and receiving. Through bonds of love we receive reassurance that we live in a benign universe.

When we grow into adulthood we often seek a deep and permanent union with a life partner. Relationships are usually a complex and mysterious web of opposing forces: male and female; similarities and differences; tenderness and friction. How can we make sense of all this? How can we be sure we’ve chosen the right partner? Once we enter into the permanent bond of marriage, how can we enhance love while passing through the inevitable conflicts?

Astrology is a unique tool that can help you answer those questions and enter into marriage with greater confidence and clarity. First, it can help you come to a better understanding of yourself and your future spouse as individuals and how you relate as a couple. And second, astrology can be used to choose the precious symbol of the marital bond: your wedding rings.

In my career of over 30 years as an astrologer and jeweler, I have taken great satisfaction in helping couples clarify and strengthen their commitment to each other, and then designing and making beautiful handcrafted wedding rings to commemorate their union. I have written a book about Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discover to share from my experience.

Understanding your Relationship begins with Understanding Yourself.

What are your greatest hopes and dreams for your life? What skills and strengths do you bring to your life journey? What are your challenges, and what do you need to overcome them? How does your mate fit into that picture, and who do you imagine as your perfect mate? To what extent should your mate share your values and beliefs? Are you an independent person? Can you allow your partner to be independent as well?

All of this is revealed in your birth chart. The universe exactly as it was at the moment of your birth set the stage for your personality, desires, successes, and challenges. A careful study of your astrological chart will help you unravel this rich network of forces, allowing you to see what is needed for your future happiness. Astrology is about your potential—your possibilities for growth and success in all areas of your life.

You are most likely already familiar with that type of individual astrology. What I call the astrology of love takes these principles to a new level, to uncover the workings of relationships and enhance the potential for love between two people. We all have this potential. Astrology can help it blossom and grow to new heights. When two people are aligned and balanced in their needs, intentions, and acts of tenderness, love soars!

Comparing the two Lovers Charts

After examining the birth charts of each individual, I use additional tools to learn about their present and future relationship. The astrological compatibility of two people is called Synastry. With this method I take the two individual charts and project all the planets of one onto the chart of the other. This shows how the most important personality characteristics and life themes of the partners interact.

I also make a composite chart of the relationship by finding the midpoints between the planets on the individual charts. This chart shows what is likely to happen if these two individuals enter into a long-term relationship.

Following astrological counseling a couple has a new understanding of themselves as individuals and as a pair. This knowledge leads to greater acceptance of each other and new strategies for supporting each other’s needs.

Once you have decided to wed, it is time to choose the wedding bands. Finding your ideal mate is a reason to celebrate! The wedding rings are a permanent reminder of the love, joy, and commitment of your relationship.

Meaningful Wedding Rings with your Gems of Love

A ring is a circle with no beginning and no end, a symbol of eternity. The circle symbolizes a couple’s commitment and intention to be together always in a bond of marital love. The beauty of a wedding ring symbolizes how precious and enduring this relationship is.

You are unique as individuals and as a couple, and with astrology it is possible to design a ring that perfectly represents and supports your union. This highly personalized ring will be so much more meaningful than a mass-produced ring that is unconnected to who you are as a couple.

Each gemstone has its own individual frequency and radiance, determined by its quality, color, crystal structure, and chemical composition. This is referred to as the stone’s “signature.” As a consequence, each stone will impact you in a different way. Specific stones may be chosen to support particular needs, goals, and challenges.

So you use your astrological chart to discover your needs and then find exactly the right gemstone to balance, heal, and nourish your own heart and your partner’s, and to enhance your marital relationship. I call these gems for love.

Choosing Gold or Silver

Once you’ve chosen your gemstones, the next choice is the metal. In most cases this will be either gold or silver, which have very different metaphysical properties. Look at my article about: Are you a Gold or a Silver Person? In astrology, gold represents the male energy of the sun, and silver the female energy of the moon. We are never all male or all female, and it’s important to balance those aspects in our personality.

Choosing gold or silver for your wedding rings can help you achieve the desired balance between your male and female sides. Beyond that, most people have a strong intuitive preference for gold or silver, which is related to the metals’ metaphysical properties.

I use 18-karat gold or higher to strengthen the masculine aspects (the air and fire elements in astrology), or sterling silver to strengthen the feminine aspects (the earth and water elements) in my clients’ charts.

For wedding bands I love to use pure 24-karat gold—the real thing! 24-karat gold is heavy, golden yellow, and very soft and malleable. Because of the softness of gold, heavier, more solid designs are required to create a durable ring.

The ring will inevitably acquire nicks and dents over the course of its long life, but don’t worry about those—they only enhance the charm of the ring and testify to the longevity of your marriage. Choosing 24-karat gold symbolizes your long-term investment in the quality of your union of love.

After you have chosen the gemstones and metal for your wedding rings, you can either search for them in jewelry stores, or, even better, have them made to your exact specifications by a jeweler.

I wish you well on your journey of love, and I hope you will try out the unique art and science of astrology to design the perfect diamond wedding rings to support your joyous union. May it fulfill your deepest desires, now and forever.