Know Everything About Adding More Sparkle with Stackable Eternity Rings

For years, the popularity of the stack ring has continued to grow. Whether you're wearing them as a standalone band or as a set, the comfort and style of this delicate design is hard to overlook. In this article, we will take a look at several different types of stack rings and how they can work together to create one fantastic look.

Eternity Band. As the name implies, an eternity band is endless. Typically adorned with either genuine gemstones or cubic zirconia, this popular style offers the wearer a continual circle of sparkle. An eternity band is terrific when worn alone, as part of a wedding set or when paired with polished band rings for a bold look.

Scattered Stone Band Ring. At first glance, the scattered stone band may look similar to that of a wide polished band ring. Upon a closer inspection, however, the sparkle of 'scattered' stones set into the band gives a whole new appearance to this trendy style. A scattered stone band can feature either clear or colored gemstones, and looks terrific when paired with either an eternity or polished stack ring.

Polished Stack Ring. A typical stack ring looks very similar to a thin wedding band. Available in both gold and sterling silver, these popular bands can be worn with anything. Whether you prefer to wear them as a standalone ring, paired with an engagement ring and worn as a wedding set, or even exclusively as a wedding band, there are many different ways to wear this single style.

Textured Stack Ring. Unlike a polished stack ring, a textured ring can be either diamond-cut or have a design etched into the band. A textured ring looks perfect when paired with a polished band on the top and bottom, which allows the sparkle of the textured band to shine in the center.

When it comes to sizing stack rings, it's important to note which styles are sizable and which are not. A qualified jeweler can resize both gold and sterling silver, but not all styles can be resized. For instance, an eternity band with gemstones cannot be resized due to the presence of the gems. An all-metal polished band, on the other hand, can easily be resized by your local jeweler. The only exception is if that band has gemstones set into the design, such is the case with a scattered stone design. Again, because the gemstones are set into the band, it cannot be resized. When purchasing rings, especially online, it's a good idea to know your ring size before placing the order. This will help to avoid any disappointment in having to return the item. If you need help figuring out your ring size, simply visit your local jeweler and he/she can provide a sizing guide to help you choose the perfect fit every time.

If you are in the market for stack rings, you may find that you can create an impressive collection by purchasing your accessories in sterling silver. With the prices of gold rapidly on the rise, sterling silver remains an affordable precious metal choice for those who want to purchase a piece of jewelry that can last a lifetime. When shopping for sterling silver, look for the .925 hallmark indicating that the piece is, in fact, genuine sterling silver.