Want to know everything about getting a platinum engagement ring before you purchase it?

Guide to Modern Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum is a beautiful, naturally white metal that is between 90 - 95% pure. This purity makes it completely hypoallergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin. Gold and platinum are the most popular choices when it comes to wedding engagement rings. In recent years, platinum has been making a comeback largely due to its natural beauty and star appeal. Celebrity stars have been seen sporting platinum engagement rings and have remembered the superior quality and beauty of platinum. Platinum is harder than gold and it is sure to last a lifetime. Therefore for lifelong decisions such as engagement and marriage the longevity of platinum makes it an excellent symbol of lifelong commitment.

Platinum has a silverish white look to it which many people find attractive and also like it for a status symbol. Many things have to be taken into consideration to find the perfect dream ring for her. The most important thing is for your partner to feel proud to wear it for the rest of his or her life.

Build your own platinum engagement ring

Select a setting. Most jewelers carry a selection of engagement ring settings, or "mounts." When selecting a setting consider your intended's lifestyle. Does she play a sport? Does she work with machinery? If you can imagine her getting your ring caught up in something, or absent-mindedly smashing it into a wall, share your concerns with your jeweler. He should be able to find a setting that will protect the featured stone by setting it deeply or protecting it with prongs. You could also build your own platinum engagement ring and it will be at a lower price than is available from a retail store. It is the perfect way to personalize your love even more.

Check out the selections of modern platinum engagement rings available in online stores and purchase from a store where jewelry is of the highest quality and has a lifetime guarantee.