Want to know everything about marquise diamond engagement rings before you purchase it?

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings Introduced

The stylish and simple yet sophisticated lines of marquise diamond engagement rings makes them the most popular choices for bridal sets as well as other accented rings and solitaires. Marquis rings are actually named after French nobility. Marquise ring like the French taste are made for a style statement and for it's exquisite looks. Marquis ring designs are based for giving importance to gemstones.

How does one recognize a Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings?

In the case of marquise diamond engagement rings center gemstones are cut into curved shapes, the top and bottom parts of the gemstone meet at the either ends. The marquise diamond shape is a classic stunning stone for those who don't want the traditional - and predictable - round brilliant shape. Because of the elongated shape, marquise diamonds may also be called boat-shaped diamonds.

When a marquise diamond is cut, there is no exact standard proportion regarding length to width. If the diamond clutter does not cut precisely cut the proportion that is needed to create the most brilliance in the stone, there is often a dark area in the center of the diamond, this area is commonly referred to as a "bow tie." When shopping for your perfect marquise diamond engagement rings, make sure that the diamonds you select do not have this shadowy effect.

Marquise diamond engagement rings, ideally, has a length to width ratio in the order of twice the length of the gemstone's width and the cut shouldn't be too shallow as that can produce a "bow tie" effect as explained above..

Does Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings Fit the Finger?

Marquise diamond engagement rings usually are vertically orientated on the finger. However, it's not uncommon to see them crosswise or the horizontally oriented one's as well. Both vertical and horizontal has its advantages; a vertical oriented ring tends to make the finger appear slender, while the horizontal oriented ring makes the finger look wider.

Settings for Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings?

Marquise diamond engagement rings uses settings based on various styles, and the prong setting is the most popular one of them. The most popular marquise diamond engagement rings usually have only one stone, so the prong setting does the same as with any other diamond solitaire rings.

In the case of Prong settings, it utilizes four or six hooks that hold the diamond in place slightly suspended above the band giving a visual beauty to the ring. A disadvantage to the prong setting is that since marquise diamond engagement rings isn't that wide leading to detract from the appearance. But if you decide to use side gemstones, the prong setting works well.

Bezel setting is also a popular choice for marquise diamond engagement rings. With Bezel setting, a metal rim covers the diamond and "locks" it into place and since the rim extends above the diamond, it does not detract from its appearance. Bezel setting is sturdy, stylish, versatile, and attractive.

Educate yourself on Marquise diamond engagement rings, you can try online stores for details, price ranges, selections and you can get Marquise diamond engagement rings at a much cheaper price than from a retail shop.