Want to know everything about invisible set engagement rings before you purchase it?

Facts about Invisible Set Engagement Rings

Invisible set engagement rings are less-popular but have emerged as the ultimate luxurious engagement ring design that maximizes the brilliance of its diamonds. An invisible set engagement ring gives the illusion of one large gemstone and is done by using numerous smaller gemstones clustered together with no spaces or metals separating the gemstones. When one sees them, the closely set gemstones appear as one big, beautiful stunning gemstone.

Invisible set gives you more value for your money and it is done by arranging a group of less expensive gemstones to look like one unit is cheaper than actually buying one large gemstone. Invisible set engagement rings aren't easy to create, and can sometimes be expensive.

Beginnings of Invisible Set Engagement Rings

More than 100-years ago in France Invisible set engagement rings is said to have started. The difficulty and complexity in creating an invisible set turned many jewelers away from the technique. It is a time consuming process as an invisible setting is just that - diamonds set into a stunning ring where the mounting is completely hidden and the gem appears to be held by nothing at all.

Invisible rings cannot be upgraded or change d in design, the beauty and luxury of different invisible settings, however, make them such stunning pieces of jewelry that they rarely need to be upgraded at all.

Most commonly referred as "invisible set" because the frame holding the gemstone is not visible. Invisible settings are created by carving a slit into each diamond just beneath its girdle. The metal that secures the stone into the ring sits in that slit, but because the girdle is the stone's widest point, it effectively covers the metal, making the actual setting invisible.

Invisible settings are more fragile than their bolder counterparts and they must be treated carefully to ensure their security and correctly created invisible set rings provide a secure gemstone fit. Clarify with your dealer regarding daily use capabilities of the invisible set ring that you have chosen.

Who Creates Invisible Set Engagement Rings?

Despite the wide range of different invisible settings, it can be difficult to find these rings at basic jewelry retailers. Specialized engagement ring stores are more likely to carry the unique designs, or interested couples can investigate online retailers for hard-to-find ring styles.

Search for stores which have association with The American Gem Society. AGS has it's members some of the best jewelers in the world. The Better Business Bureau can also provide helpful information. Try online shopping, where you will get rings at a much lower price than is available from a retail outlet or branded store.