Want to know everything about gold engagement rings before you purchase it?

The Classic Gold Engagement Rings

Gold engagement rings are one of the most popular choices and classic choices around the world in various cultures and religions. While white gold is growing in popularity, yellow gold continues to be the leader when it comes to gold engagement rings. Most online stores will have large selections of Gold engagement rings, and in various price ranges and styles.

Gold as a jewelry has been considered as a very valuable metal from time immemorial and is always considered as a safe investment. Gold is a soft substance and several other durable metals like copper, silver, zinc, and nickel are added to make gold a durable jewelry.

Gold engagement rings measured in karats and not carats?

In the U.S.A "karat" stands for as the unit of gold purity while "carat" is the unit of weight for diamonds and other gemstones. Internationally, the term "carat" can be used for both.

Importance of 24-karat gold engagement rings

24-karat gold is gold in its purest form and the well-known 24-karat gold means the gold is in its purest form and they tend to be expensive, as they are pure gold. In 24 karat gold other metals are also added but in a less proportion when compared to 18 K and 14 K.

Higher karat alloys like 24- karat are softer and more flexible, and thus more often found in very intricate pieces of jewelry. At the same time, softer metals may not be suitable for pieces meant to be worn every day, such as many gold engagement rings. The karat of the gold metal should be indicated on the inside of the ring's band. While shopping online, you can see the karat listed with the ring's information.

18K is considered industry standard and produces quality jewelry. When considering durability, higher karat is not advisable as they tend to be soft and are not the prefect choice for daily wear.

14K gold engagement rings vs. 18K gold engagement rings

14K gold is 58% gold whereas 18K is 75% gold. 18 carat gold is more valuable and tends to have a deeper color, while 14K gold is stronger and more durable. Since 14K gold has a higher potential for tarnishing it can cause allergic reactions in some people due to the other metals it is alloyed with.

Since 14Karat gold rings contain less gold, they are less expensive than 24K and 18K. Gold engagement rings are traditional, popular, and timeless. It doesn't matter if you choose a high or low-karat value; gold is instantly recognizable and will always remain a symbol of your enduring relationship.