Want to know everything about marquise engagement rings before you purchase it?

Guide to Marquise Engagement Rings and Alternative Gemstones

Marquise engagement rings are a new set of rings which is rapidly growing popular with brie's and diamonds is the choice for most marquise rings. There are others gemstones that are just as stunning, or even more brilliant, than a traditional diamond. Marquise engagement rings are out of the ordinary in as its unique cut and brilliant sparkle isn't something seen on a regular basis. Marquise rings bring in a different look to the ring, so you could try other gemstones as well without bothering about diamond. Birthstones with Marquise Engagement Rings

If you're considering an alternative to a traditional diamond then you could use your own zodiac sign and birthday. If you are buying the ring for someone else and you have no idea of their taste, you can just use their birthday and zodiac sign. A zodiac sign or birthstone as the center of your ring will add extra personal meaning to the engagement ring. Of all the different engagement ring cuts, marquise does exceptionally well with alternative gemstones.

Gemstone choices:

  1. Topaz - birthstone for November. Colors, variations from light blue or light brown.

  2. Peridot - August birthstone, color is a lighter shade of green.

  3. Turquoise - birthstone for the month of December, Turquoise is described as being sea blue.

  4. Sapphire - Sapphire represents April and September. The dark blue sapphire is brilliant as a great alternative to diamond.

  5. Emerald - the gemstone for both May and June. The rich, dark green color would compliment any ring.

  6. Ruby - ruby represent July. Rubies are bright red, similar in color to garnets.

  7. Amethyst - the birthstone for those born in February. The amethyst is a deep, rich purple popularly known as - the color of royalty.

  8. Pink Tourmaline - Pink tourmaline represents October, and is dark pink.

  9. Garnet - the birthstone for the month of January. The garnet is a fiery red gemstone and is stunning when flanked by traditional diamonds.

  10. Aquamarine - the birthstone for March and October. Aquamarine gemstones are light or powder blue.

There are many alternative to the traditional diamond. A colored gemstone for an engagement ring is a perfect choice for those who are willing to set apart from the majority of those who choose diamonds. The color can be your favorite color, the color of your significant other's eyes, or some other color with significant meaning or you choose based on you birthday or zodiac sign anyway this will only add to the meaning of the most beautiful ring in your life your engagement ring.