Want to know everything about finding her engagement ring style before you purchase it?

Guide to Finding her style and get an engagement ring she'll love

It is said that a woman's engagement ring should reflect her features and style. If you have the time and patience to find her style, picking an engagement ring will be much easier. Again, the point to emphasize is to find out what she wants and hopes to find in her engagement ring. It would do little good to buy a yellow gold engagement ring for a woman who dislikes yellow gold or a large sized diamond for a woman who likes simple elegant diamonds.

Jewelry to find her style:

Every woman has jewelry, paying attention to the jewelry she already owns can help you find her style and taste. If she has silver jewelry then it is an indication that an engagement ring made of white gold or platinum would be to her liking. Both metals are similar to silver, but are more brilliant and stunning. Of course, if she has a lot of gold, then a yellow gold engagement ring is the way to go. There are also other ways to find her style.

The straight-forward way:

It might blow your cover but it's a pretty straightforward bet you'll get the right ring on the first time attempt. You could also try shopping together - over 40% of couples choose to pick out their engagement ring together. If you play it cool, she'll never even guess why you're trying to find her style. Ask her to help you in buying an engagement ring for your sister, cousin, and that'll surely get her to mention her own style.

Use jewelry catalogs, or when online, browse a online jewelry site, and ask for her opinion. Ask her about the precious stones like diamond and the various styles as well. She may prefer a princess cut or an emerald cut diamond to a round one or she may prefer no diamonds at all.

Some women like emeralds or rubies in their engagement rings instead of traditional diamonds. Make it a mission to find her style by the end of the conversation and think of how happy you'll be to see her happiness about the ring you choose.

Style based on the clothes:

All women have unique tastes and you can actually find her style in jewelry based on the style of clothes she likes. Most women likes the rings to add style to their outfit, so that they can wear for various activities like parties, church, get together etc. Take time to find her style. You'll be glad you did.