Want to know everything about finding her engagement ring ring size before you purchase it?

Tips for Finding Her Ring Size

You have decided you love your girlfriend and to propose to her, but don't know her ring size. It's not a problem there are several ways to find out her ring size without spoiling the surprise. These tips will help you find her ring size, without her even knowing.

Bring in family and friends to find her ring size

Friends and family of your bride-to-be will be of great help, they will even appreciate you for the thought you have for her. A mother or sister is the best options to help you out or you could try her best friend to help you out. But be sure to keep the whole thing secretive, to get the feeling of surprising her with a ring.

Use her ring size on your hand

Try one of her rings down your finger and see how far it makes it. Use any finger but your thumb, mark this spot and run to your jeweler. While using her ring on your finger, don't push it down too tight as it can get stuck in your finger.

Measure one of her rings

This one is the toughest option but the best means of getting the correct ring size. If she doesn't always wear her ring, or has more than one that fits on her ring finger steal it long enough to take it to the jeweler to check the size or you could say you want to buy a ring like hers for your cousin or sibling, and would like to show it to the jeweler. Think deeply of something very good that won't tip her off.

Use a ring sizer to find her ring size

A ring sizer is a handy tool that measures the fingers. Most online stores provide you with a ring sizer and some even provide them for free. A ring sizer is most accurate then any other devices.

Find her ring size then shop online

Online shopping will help you to see several selections of rings at different price ranges in the comfort of your home and when on purchasing online you will have to pay much less amount than you pay at a local retail outlet.