Want to know everything about engagement ring before you purchase it?

Complete Guide to Engagement Ring

You've given her your heart, now it's time to give her THE ring. We're here to help you select the engagement ring she wants and make the entire process pain-free (and panic-free). The ring, and the promise you're about to make to her, will be one of the most important events in both your lives. Here are some few tips that we have put together that you may find helpful.

Establish Your Budget:

Diamond engagement rings are spectacular, but you should not spend more than you are comfortable with. According to the generally accepted convention, a man should spend roughly two months' salary on a diamond engagement ring. While this guideline is certainly not a law, polls show that many men agree with this spending recommendation, and in the minds of many women it's become an accepted standard.

Again, the point to emphasize is to find out what she wants and hopes to find in her engagement ring. It would do little good to buy engagement rings that were more than you can reasonably afford, and then find out that she actually was hoping for a type of ring that would have been more interesting and personal to her, and which cost considerably less than you paid. Research engagement rings before you buy try the galleries in online stores, ask your jeweler questions, and make certain that you know what type of engagement ring she wants.

Choosing the Right Metal:

Once you have finalized your budget, we will have a clear idea to go about. Platinum and gold are both beautiful, but have distinct differences beyond just the price. Gold is great because It's traditional - gold has withstood the test of time to be the most common wedding ring metal, It's less expensive - gold is more abundant than platinum, making it more affordable , and unlike platinum, is easy to polish and repair. Neither platinum nor gold will tarnish. Platinum is durable - platinum is resistant to tarnish and great for holding different settings. It's hypoallergenic - platinum is 90-95% pure and won't irritate the skin

What Size of Diamond Should I Purchase?

The stone you choose when you buy engagement rings is intensely important. Ask yourself some questions before you do actually buy engagement rings: Does she want a solitaire diamond, or multiple diamonds? Don't assume she wants what looks nice to you when you go to buy engagement rings.

When looking, you will discover that there are just as many settings that you can choose from as there are ring types with diamond sizes. You can have pave settings, three stone settings, channel settings, prong settings, among many others. Although it has not been scientifically proven, many women desire at least a 1 carat diamond ring. Again, choose a Diamond size based on your budget.

Purchasing an Engagement Ring - The Element of Surprise

The only way to know for sure that you have found the perfect ring would be to have shopped together with your loved one. Unfortunately, this takes away the surprise. Remember that it is not uncommon to discuss engagement ring preferences with your partner.

 If you do want to make it a complete surprise, you will need to do some investigating:

1) Find out from her, her friends and/or family what type of setting she likes. Keep in mind that you are looking to buy engagement rings, not a bouquet of flowers or a pretty necklace. Invest the time to research engagement ring education before you buy.

2) The color of jewelry that your partner normally where? If she likes wearing yellow gold earrings or necklaces, then she may prefer a yellow gold engagement ring as well. But again a platinum diamond ring or a gold diamond ring can bring in the 'wow' factor.

3) Try a jewelry catalogue and it is very important to get a sense from your fiancé about her preferences.