Want to know everything about engagement rings trends before you purchase it?

Guide to Engagement Ring Trends

Many women want modern styled engagement rings that are fashionable and timeless. Diamonds are very traditional for engagement rings of course, but more stones are being incorporated to update the look of the most popular precious stone used in rings- diamond. Today's engagement rings have evolved from simple designs to rings with stylish designs and settings to give the ring a stunning look and feel.

Classic engagement rings which were popular are always in style and they are considered as timeless piece of jewelry. Diamond solitaires are always popular, with oval-cut stones currently dominating the market, though round, princess and emerald-cut diamonds are still favored. Gold as the base is as popular as ever, but platinum has rapidly become the favored metal for the engagement rings. Platinum's whitish-silvery luster helps bring out the brilliance and sparkle of the diamonds, and unlike silver will never tarnish and is durable as it's strong and hard, so it's difficult to ding or dint; and it's the heaviest metal used for engagement rings, weighing as twice the weight of the same amount of 14K gold.

Vintage and Antique engagement rings have also come back into style. Ornate, romantic, and timeless, antique rings are very much in vogue, something many young women desire and rings in gold and platinum often display superb intricate metalwork. Several Vintage-inspired modern engagement rings have also come into vogue, as are engagement rings bearing fancy colored diamonds. Celebrities, like J Lopez, who during her engagement to Ben Affleck got an engagement ring with a six-carat pink diamond. Fancy colored diamonds can also be used as side stones to give the extra color to the ring blue, yellow, green, brown are the popular colors.

A new exciting trend is with the men's rings. Men's engagement rings were often utilitarian more than stylish. Now a days style has also caught up with men's engagement rings, so that they are available in platinum, gold or silver with solitaire diamonds or with new settings to give a simple yet stylish and somber character to the ring. Modern engagement rings, are made from custom unique designs to innovative new cuts and sets, including the princess cut diamonds with increased numbers of facets, special bezel settings and the tension-setting, which gives the appearance of 'Floating Diamond'- diamond appears to float above the engagement ring.

Which ever engagement ring you choose, traditional or modern, the most important thing is that 'it should be a ring to be treasured and cherished for a life time'.