Want to know everything about the available engagement ring designs before you purchase it?

Guide to Engagement Ring Designs

When you begin shopping for a ring, you will realize that there are hundreds of options to consider when selecting the perfect engagement ring design. With so many styles to choose from, how do you know which engagement ring is best? Full of sparkle, glitter, and shine, there are many different diamond ring designs to choose from when selecting the perfect engagement ring. From classic designs to contemporary creations, there are perfect designs to accent any wardrobe or occasion.

Engagement ring designs and diamond shapes

The most popular engagement ring designs consisted mostly of round diamonds. now a days, couples can choose diamonds cut in a variety of shapes. The diamond cut and the resulting shape does affect the pricing of the ring.

A brief list of some diamond shapes used in engagement ring designs:

  1. Princess - square cut diamond is often used in engagement ring designs using the solitaire style and is perfect for hands with long fingers. Princess cut diamond rings in platinum are stunning engagement rings.

  2. Oval - is symmetrical and elongated similar to the round shape, but slightly different and are great for small hands or stocky fingers.

  3. Emerald - is rectangular with cut, not sharp, corners. It's broad, flat surfaces resemble steps, so it's also known as a step cut. Good quality stones are usually used with Emerald cut, as it can highlight the flaws, if there are any.

  4. Heart - the universal symbol of love. Exceptionally skilled jewelers prefers diamond heart cut.

  5. Pear - known as a designer, or hybrid cut, a cross between the oval and marquise. It is often described as a small raindrop and is more common with earrings or pendants, and it's also used in some unique engagement ring designs.

  6. Marquise - is elongated similar to the oval and has sharp pointed ends. Solitaire diamonds looks great with marquise cut.

  7. Round - the most traditional and popular option, the standard round cut diamond. Simple yet spectacular.

Men's engagement ring designs

Men's engagement ring designs differ from those for women in style, tone, settings, metal used and to even the stone used. Most engagement ring designs for men focus on the band-usually made of silver, white or yellow gold, or platinum. More often men's engagement rings are engraved with names of loved one or declaration of love or vows. Even when diamonds are used most men's rings are designed in such a way to look simple yet stylish and somber and perfect for daily use.

Appealing engagement ring designs

There are several types of designs now a days, to be appealing choose the most popular one's or you can design one yourself to be a unique ring or match the design with the style and personality of your intended.

Just as every woman is complex, different and beautiful, so is every engagement ring designs. Even if it isn't a perfect match, your thoughtful consideration will be valued far beyond the price of the ring.