Want to know everything about a emerald cut diamond engagement ring before you purchase it?

Guide to Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

For couples interested in a fabulous and stunning diamond with a traditional look, emerald cut engagement rings are a beautiful and surprisingly affordable option.

Emerald cut shapes of diamond are rectangular with corners slightly cropped, this type of cut is unique in as the facets resemble "steps" chiseled into the stone.

The long lines of the rectangular shape give it less overall fire than popular round shapes, but the sparkles of color in emerald cut engagement rings will be more prominent as they are reflected in the sleek stone

Although the emerald cut was mainly used on emeralds, it was quickly adopted as a choice diamond cut because of the lovely glow it brought out in the stones and the elegant appearance. Even though every thing being equal, there's no reason why emerald cut diamond engagement rings should be less expensive than other diamond engagement rings with stones of the same carat weight, but think of it as an advantage for those of trying to acquire a beautiful diamond at a discount price.

A larger stone for less is the main advantage attributed to emerald cut diamond rings: a one-carat marquise-cut diamond engagement ring, or a 1.25 emerald cut diamond engagement ring with the same flare, color and clarity for basically the same price. Another major advantage is that it's easier to spot color degradation, flaws, or poor cuts than it is with the more elaborately cut gems: the large facets make problems stand out. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings look great on any metal you choose for the band: gold, platinum, or silver. Emerald cut diamond engagement ring, requires a four-prong setting to keep the stone in place, some see this as a disadvantage.

With a sleek and elegant design, emerald cut engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular with today's brides-to-be. The classic look of a rectangular stone adds beauty to any ring, whether it's a simple solitaire or a more elaborate wedding set.