Want to know about how to buy a emerald cut diamond engagement ring before you purchase it?

Introduction to Choosing Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cuts are the best and most popular cut to show off a diamond's best features. Emerald cut is oblong or square with diagonally cut corners, stacked in a terrace formation. The effect is a long sight line that takes advantage of clarity and color. Even though emerald cuts are not as popular as princess radiant cuts or traditional round, you'll enjoy a nice price savings and you can use the extra money to purchase a high quality or larger diamond.

The Beginning

Emeralds cut stones are a type of step cut, where the facets actually appear to be "steps" carved into the gem. Specifically, the emerald cut is a rectangular shape with slightly cropped corners. Originally, the cut was developed for use on emeralds; its sophisticated appearance quickly led it to be a popular choice for diamonds as well.

Emerald cut engagement rings will be more prominent as they are reflected in the sleek stone and have little room for imperfections. Imperfections are more obvious, since the top of the gemstone is perfectly flat and exposed. Emerald cut engagement rings are elongated, and so they look best on long, slender fingers. Emerald cut rings also sometimes contains accent stones in addition to the main gemstone.

Styles and Settings for Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Traditional or not, Emerald cut engagement rings are versatile as the classic round shapes, and they can be found in any number of designs, including bridal sets, unique styles, and contemporary rings. The most common setting is a classic four-prong arrangement that gives stability to the stone while protecting the delicate edges, but more unusual settings can also be found. The most unusual style of all is to find a stone set lengthwise along the band rather than perpendicular to it.

The edges of emerald cut engagement rings requires protection and so for that the setting most suitable is the four- or six- prong setting. Prongs are attached to the engagement ring band, and they lock the stone securely in place. The prong setting is great for emerald cut engagement rings, as it's also easy to clean and allows greater visibility for the gemstone, creating a fabulous look.

Emerald cut engagement rings give more prominence and focus to the gemstone than any other setting. The down side is that since the emerald cut leaves one face of the gemstone intact, color variations, flaws or imperfections are more noticeable. Examine it before buying the ring, educate yourself, and try online resources for emerald cut ring selections and galleries and price ranges.

Are Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Expensive?

Online shopping will provide prices at a much lower rate than a retail outlet or a branded jewelry store. Emerald cut is typically less expensive than the traditional round cut, which makes it attractive to budget shoppers. A sleek and elegant design, emerald cut engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular with today's brides-to-be.