Want to know about how to buy a diamond solitaire engagement ring before you purchase it?

Guide to Elegant Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Despite the many designs, settings, and styles available, diamond solitaire engagement rings remains bride-to-be's most popular choice. While it seems simple, a diamond solitaire can still be a unique ring designed to suite any tastes. The statement "less is more" is true with diamond solitaire engagement rings. If you're seeking an engagement ring, plenty of selections are available in online stores

What does solitaire diamond means?

Solitaire means one. For an engagement ring, this means the ring has one simple diamond, without side stones, accent stones, or other gem embellishments. Diamond solitaire engagement rings are simple, sophisticated, and elegant.

Any style can be complimented with a solitaire ring. While the most popular shape is the round, there are many other diamond shapes that can create a beautiful ring without additional stones. In solitaire ring all attention is focused on the diamond, so your choice for diamond has to be done carefully.


Since a solitaire is one diamond in a relatively simple setting, it has the potential to be far less expensive than many choices. On the other hand, because the stone is typically a higher quality, larger size, or better grade, that may increase the price significantly. As with any engagement ring, the price tag should reflect the budget that the couple is comfortable affording, and the stone's characteristics can be adjusted to match any style considerations.

The diamond

Round solitaire diamond is traditional, the most popular and is considered as a timeless classic. Round solitaire diamonds are easy to find, which makes shopping for them easier. Marquise, emerald, pear, and oval-shaped stones all elongate the diamond and appear larger than they may be.

  * Oval solitaire - is shaped like an oval or an elongated circle.

  * Emerald solitaire - are rectangular in shape and the lines are longer than those presented by the Princess style.

  * Princess solitaire - are square-shaped and this style make sure your setting protects all corners of the diamond.

  * Marquise solitaire - are slender with tapered ends.

Despite growing trends toward individuality and personalization, many women prefer the timeless elegance of diamond solitaire rings. Even with the limits that a single stone puts on ring design, it is possible to create a unique and gorgeous ring. A traditional solitaire is a symbol not only of the couple's enduring love, but of the single life and hope they share for their future.