Want to know about how to buy a designer engagement ring before you purchase it?

Guide to Designer Engagement Rings

Most people love to have that special design that has been created to their very own specifications, makes a special ring even more unique and special. Getting engaged is one of the most beautiful moments in life and you want a perfect ring to capture that moment. Designer engagement rings are expensive starting from thousands to millions of dollars. If you're not financially wealthy? even then there is a designer engagement ring is waiting for you.

Designer Engagement Rings

Designer engagement rings are custom made based on special designs, styles, setting or may be even a stone, it is not mass produced for the general public. Most rings are mass produced from stock designs or popular templates. There will be thousands of copies of one design in most cases, that's what the difference between mass produced and custom designed. However, not all designer engagement rings are one-of-a-kind.

Most designers create their masterpieces and call them limited edition designer engagement rings, these rings aren't mass-produced, but instead are produced in limited quantities. For limited edition rings they will be expensive but they aren't unique, they're rare because they aren't widely available. Store specific designer rings are available so is season oriented, and style oriented.

Designer Engagement Rings for Me?

Web is a great place to begin your search, you can search with designer names, with price ranges etc. By online browsing it's possible to view designer engagement rings online, and many jewelry websites allow personalized design requests, and quotes. Online shopping will educate you regarding the ring and will give you an idea on the price ranges of the rings.

You can view online photos, which are very accurate to what the ring will look like. Designer rings will always be a stand out of the crowds of rings based on stock designs and popular templates. Look for stores with money back guarantee.

Research at The Better Business Bureau for business investigations. You' can find if a business has any complaints against it, if they've been sued, how long they've been operating, and if they've gone through name changes. This information can help you decide on the reliability of your jeweler. Most online stores are a member of the Better Business Bureau for online jewelers.

Designer Engagement Rings Expensive?

It depends. The cost depends on more than the designer name; it depends on the stone used, metal used, style or setting used. Five determining factors when it comes to designer engagement ring costs:

  1. Designer - Popular, high-end designers cost more than those less famous.

  2. Intricacy of the design - even a ring with one stone can be very expensive if it uses a intricate design.

  3. Metal used for the ring - rings with platinum bands cost much more than those with gold or silver bands.

  4. Setting - The more difficult the setting, the higher the cost.

The key to selecting the perfect ring is to consider the preferences of your intended and try to match the ring to her values and personality.