Want to know about a antique engagement ring before you purchase it?

Guide to Antique Engagement Rings

Couples now days choose Antique engagement rings for their engagements as engagement rings are a symbol of timeless love and the antique rings are a perfect choice for symbolizing traditional and timeless love for eternity.

Antique Engagement Rings

If you're seriously considering an antique ring, you must educate yourself and be well prepared in order to avoid scams. Ring's over 50 years old is considered as a true antique. Newer rings are often called estate engagement rings, and while they are not yet antiques, they are on their way to becoming so. The label "vintage" has no definite meaning except to indicate that it resembles older pieces.

Facts about Antique Engagement Rings

Not all antique engagement rings are the same. Different eras have distinctly different styles, including Victorian (1835-1900), Edwardian (1900-1920), and Art Deco (1930).

  * Colored diamond rings: In history perfectly clear diamonds weren't in demand at certain periods, people then wanted color, and often sought diamonds with slight tints of brown, yellow, red, and green.

  * Craftsmanship involved in the jewelry is very important; it can some time decide the worth of the ring. From complex yet stunning designs to simple and traditional designed antique rings can be found and the craftsmanship on the ring can decide the value of the ring.

  * Quality: the quality of antique engagement rings cannot be comparable to existing jewelry using modern standards. But certain antique rings can give a modern ring a good run for their money in terms of finish and quality.

  * Gemstones: most antique engagement rings often contain precious stones other than diamonds. The hardness of diamond is 10, and is extremely durable, softer stones such as emeralds (7.5 to 8), opal (5.5 to 6.5) and, pearl (3.5 to 4) were commonly used in antique engagement rings, especially during the Victorian era (1835-1900).

Where do i find Antique Engagement Rings?

Antique engagement rings are available in numerous places. Several sources for antique engagement rings are available online. The web is an excellent resource for antique ring selections and prices of available engagement rings, and you will get rings at a much lower price when compared to retail and branded outlets.

Antique engagement rings are also available in pawn shops, consignment shops. Consignment shops are similar to pawn shops but often have stricter standards for the items they accept. Pawn shops are a good option for the buyer with a limited budget, but extensive knowledge about judging diamond jewelry is especially important to insure you are buying a quality piece.

Antique rings make charming engagement rings and can be very unique and eye-catching. With a bit of perseverance, finding a suitable ring can be easy and rewarding, knowing that you are treating your relationship with the consideration and care necessary to survive even longer than the ring.