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Sndgems jewelry guides are easy to use, interesting and helpful guide to buying jewelry onle. Our jewelry guides are indispensable guide to judging jewelry characterstics, distinguishing genuine from imitation, making wise choices, useful to all type of consumers, from professional jewelry to online searchers.  Our diamond guides help everyone in viewing diamonds as gemologists, diamond experts, diamond dealers, experienced lapidaries, diamond buyers and online customers.  Our diamond guides dissects each aspect of diamond value in detail with a wealth of diamond grading information. Our gemstone guides help everyone in viewing colored gemstones as gemologists, gem dealers, experienced lapidaries, gem buyers and online customers.  Our gemstone guides dissects each aspect of ruby, sapphire, ruby value in detail with a wealth of gemstone grading information. Our guides offers step-by-step instructions for how to examine and judge the quality and craftsmanship and materials even if you dont know anything about jewelry.  If you're thinking of buying jewelry online this guide is a best place to start.  Our guides will help you to know about jewelry details such as finishes, settings, flaws and fakes. Our guides cover diamonds, gemstones, jewelry craftsmanship, treatments, diamond and gems sources, appraisals. There is something for everyone.


Diamond Rings Buying Guides, Online Shopping Tips

Diamond – April's Gemstone of Sparkling Glamour

Diamond is a precious gemstone frequently incorporated into some of the most modern, beautiful handmade jewelry in the world. It is a clear stone revered for its ability to reflect light, and is widely recognized as the April Birthstone and the center stone used in most American engagement rings.

How to Buy a Diamond... Simplified

The key to buying a diamond is a combination of having technical knowledge, being market savvy and most importantly, developing an “eye”. The most important rule to remember is that the right diamond should jump out at you from the moment you see it. In the diamond industry, all diamonds are graded according to the 4-Cs. Understanding the 4-Cs and the diamond industry will allow one to become a savvy diamond buyer.

Selecting a Diamond Ring

The selection of the perfect gift may prove rather challenging. Undoubtedly, you are interested in buying a gift that shows your true appreciation for a person who is very special to you. Even cz gold jewelry may come along with the same challenges, because this type of gift will not be a common one. On the contrary, every precious gift like a diamond ring is likely to impress the recipient.

Diamond Color: Shoppers Buying Guide

Diamonds can be found in every color of the rainbow from clear, colorless (white) to black as coal. Some colors like blue, red, and green are extremely rare and very valuable. Brown is the most common color of diamond with about 80% of diamonds used for industrial purposes like drill bits and saw blades. For most diamond shoppers, their goal is to find a diamond as white (colorless) as their budget will allow.

Diamond Rings a Perfect Gift for all Occasions

Diamond rings are made for all occasions whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, marriage or even a simple just because, Diamonds are the most beautiful, hardest, and most desired of all gems. They sparkle and shine with elegance, it's no surprise why it is considered a women's best friend.

Colored Diamond Rings

Fancy color diamond rings are the perfect way for a bride to show some unique personality in her diamond ring. These types of diamonds and rings are rare, so the ring is very valuable and meaningful.

Celebrating Anniversary with a Diamond Ring

Diamond anniversary rings are typically set with precious stones so that they encircle all or a large portion of their circumference, as a denotation of undying love - it is supposed to proclaim everlasting passion even a thousand years into the future. A combination of sturdy and delicate, this sparkler will be worth a pretty packet because it's an anniversary rock - it will be around a lifetime, flashing a reminder of love so precious and one's commitment to it.

Advantages of Wholesale Diamond Rings

Finding the perfect diamond rings is not a easy task, with time, patience and ardent desire you will be able to find your perfect Diamond ring which epitomizes your love and commitment. Whole sale diamonds are cheaper and getting wholesale diamond rings is an even more challenging task and that is why most couples shop online for the perfect diamond ring at a competitive price.

Beautiful Colored Diamond Rings

Diamonds has been a favorite for couples but there are many people who would rather receive a fancy colored diamond ring than a regular diamond ring. The fancy coloring of diamonds gives them an exotic flair that many find highly attractive.

Gemstone & Diamond Rings

Rubies are rare, a much greater quantity of good and large stones are from the lightest blue to deep blue and black. Crystal clarity of diamonds and the brilliant blue of rubies seem eternal, which might explain the current popularity of diamond and ruby rings.

Diamond for Anniversary Rings

A diamond is known to be forever, and now it's known to be for every one. Anniversaries are one of the most special occasions for loving couples, especially for the couples who successfully managed to be together in the modern world where it's very tough for relationships to last even for the first six months. Festive occasions such as anniversaries are the best opportunities to celebrate your success together. A diamond ring as a gift for your spouse is bound to bring a long lasting cheeriness on the spouses face. People who mange to live together for more than 10 years of there life span together are really the blessed ones. Celebrating this long term relation only adds a few more happy years together.

Diamond for Promise Rings

Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love, devotion, romance, and purity. Giving a diamond promise ring is a promise to love and cherish. A promise ring is the forerunner of a diamond engagement ring and it brings with it the promise of love and fidelity forever. Most young women receive a diamond promise ring to cement the relationship and let others know they have a significant other.

Emerald Cut for Diamond Rings

After that overwhelming marriage proposal, it's now time to start with the tedious task of wedding preparation. One of major considerations-before and during the wedding-is choosing for an engagement ring - emerald cut diamond rings.

Fake Diamond Rings as Jewelry

Diamond is so beautiful that nothing compares to it, but in the last decade or so, fake diamond rings have become increasingly popular -- and many are considering adding to their own jewelry repertoire. "Why should I ever want a fake diamond ring? I only want the genuine!" The fact is that fake diamond rings do serve many useful purposes.

Gold Diamond Rings are Fabulous

It is a certainty that gold enjoys an unsurpassed popularity as a medium for jewelry expression. Both jewelry artisans and consumers alike are "in love" with gold. There seems to be no end to the range of colors, finishes and styles available and gold remains a perennial favorite setting for gemstones. Gold is one of the world's most precious metals and looks beautiful on almost anyone, and so are diamonds; and for that reason alone gold diamond ring are fabulous as a wedding engagement ring.

Diamond Solitaire Rings

Diamond rings have been associated with engagements and weddings for a long time. Way back in the year 1477 the Archduke Maximillian of Austria and Mary of Burgundy became engaged, and the Archduke chose a diamond ring to mark the occasion. It is thought that was the start of the tradition of using diamond rings to mark an engagement.

Eternity Rings... Everlasting Love

The Eternity Ring is intended to symbolise somebody’s everlasting love and devotion. The circle of the diamond ring is the perfect symbol for eternal love; it has no beginning and no end.

Invisible Set Diamond Rings are Spectacular

Invisible set engagement rings are the ultimate luxurious engagement ring design that maximizes the brilliance of its diamonds. An invisible setting is just that - diamonds set into a stunning ring where the mounting is completely hidden and the gem appears to be held by nothing at all. Invisible settings are created by carving a slit into each diamond just beneath its girdle. The metal that secures the stone into the ring sits in that slit, but because the girdle is the stone's widest point, it effectively covers the metal, making the actual setting invisible.

Diamond Wedding Band - Women’s Diamond Rings

A woman's wedding band most commonly is a gold band over the centuries, but with the modern materials and techniques of today, even the popular wedding band can be very exquisitely detailed and be an item of unique beauty. The plainest wedding band is made of white or yellow gold typically with no other ornamentation. Modern women's diamond wedding rings are very popular.

Diamond Rings for Men

Full of sparkle, glitter, and shine, there are many different diamond ring designs to choose from when selecting the perfect fiery bauble. From classic designs to contemporary creations, there is a perfect diamond ring to accent any wardrobe or occasion. Men's diamond rings have sprinted in to attention as a symbol of love, style and personality.

Celebrity Diamond Ring Styles

Whether we like it or not present trend in diamond rings say bigger is so much better. For examples check out the styles of diamond rings celebrities are choosing. And we all know that celebrities may have a lot of faults but they do set the standards for style and what is cool.

White Gold Wedding Engagement Diamond Rings

White gold is an alloy made by adding metals such as nickel, palladium, and silver to pure gold. White gold may also be plated with rhodium to achieve a pale luminescence. The rhodium coating, however, eventually wears away and must be replaced every one to five years to maintain a brilliant white color. This process typically costs under $50 depending on the style and intricacy of the ring. ring tradition. The first engagement rings were primarily used as symbols of eternal love because a ring has no beginning and no end, the wholeness of life.

Right Hand Rings

Recently right hand rings have become increasingly popular. Right hand rings are most commonly chosen by ladies who are not married or engaged. Available in many different styles and patterns, right hand rings are not limited by convention or tradition. Choose whatever design you like, a style that shows your personality, just the way that you want it!

Diamond Jewelry Care, Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Diamonds are the most popular choice for making fine jewelry due to a variety of reasons like its beauty toughness, rarity, history, resistance to damage by heat or scratching. However diamonds are not indestructible .They are very vulnerable at the girdle and can be chipped by sharp sudden blows. You can pass your diamond jewelry like your diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, diamond pendants to your future generations without too much maintenance effort due to their durability provided you follow our expert jeweler recommended tips. Clean your diamonds regularly using a commercial jewelry cleaner, a mix of ammonia and water, or a mild detergent. Dip the jewelry into the solution and use a soft brush to dislodge dust or dirt from under the setting. Read More.

Buying a diamond ring may be the one of the most important jewelry related decisions one has to ever make. Our jewelry guides is designed to help you get the best buy possible.  Our diamond guides are highly informative - useful for first-tine diamond buyer, the gemologist, and the jewelry retailer. Its a must read for everone who is planning to buy jewelry online.  Our guides offer a wealth of information keeping explanations streamlined enough so even the first-time diamond buyer can confidently buy diamond jewelry online. Our guides shows you step-by-step how to evaluate diamond and settings in different designs and metals.  Its helped thousands of diamond buyers make smart decisions - and it can help you to. Read More.

Famous Diamond Mines

Diamonds are made up entirely of carbon. Pressure (diamonds can’t form above 100 miles below the earths crust) and temperature (750+ degrees F) are the factors that “change” the diamond from mere carbon into a treasured commodity. After millions of years undergoing this pressure and heat, the rough stones are settled in diamond-bearing rock and from there, wait for a volcanic eruption to bring them to the surface.Diamond Mining Techniques

Read More.

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Largest Diamonds

10. The Millennium Star
Weight: 203.04 carats

Millennium Star Diamond

The Millennium Star is internally and externally flawless pear-shaped diamond (total of 54 facets). With the weight of 203.04 carats it is the 10th largest diamond in the world. Originally, the rough stone was 777 carats found in the Mbuji-Mayi district of Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1990. After 5 months of studying and planning the cutting of the stone, it was decided to cut the rough diamond into three pieces. The Millennium Star is the outcome of the largest piece. The value of the stone hasn't been revealed but the Millennium Star was insured for 100 million English pounds, this is believed to be a fraction of its true worth.
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9. The Red Cross

Weight: 205.07 carats

Red Cross Diamond

The Red Cross is canary yellow cushion-shaped diamond with weight of 205.07 carats. The rough stone weighed 375 carats and was found in Kimberly mines (South Africa) in 1901. The diamond was presented as a gift to the art sale held in London by Christies in 1918, on behalf of the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St. John. Another rare feature is that a Maltese Cross is distinctly visible in the top facet, hence the double appropriateness of its name, the Red Cross Diamond.

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8. The De Beers
Weight: 234.65 carats

De Beers Diamond

The De Beers diamond was found in Kimberly mines in 1888, the rough stone weighed 428.50 carats and measured 47.6 mm through its longest axis and 38.1 mm square. Weighing 234.65 carats, the De Beers is the 8th largest faceted diamond in the world. After its display in Paris the Maharaja of Patiala bought the De Beers. In 1928 Cartier of Paris set it as the centerpiece of a ceremonial necklace that came to be known as the Patiala Necklace. The necklace originally contained about 2,930 diamonds weighing about 962.25 carats. Today's whereabouts of the De Beers diamond and the Patiala Nacklace is unknown.

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Patiala Nacklace
Sndgems Fine Jewelry, Online Jewelry Store
7. The Jubilee
Weight: 245.35 carats

Jubilee Diamond

The Jubilee is a colorless cushion-shaped diamond with a weight of 245.35 carats. The original rough stone, an irregular octahedron without definite faces or shape weighed 650.80 carats and was found in the Jagersfontein Mine towards the end of 1895. When during the cutting it became evident that a superb diamond of exceptional purity and size was being produced, it was planned to present it to Queen Victoria. In the end this did not happen and the diamond remained with its owners. The following year marked the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria (the 75th anniversary of her coronation) so the gem was renamed the Jubilee to commemorate the occasion.

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6. The Centenary
Weight: 273.85 carats

Centenary Diamond

The Centenary was found in Premier mine in 1986, in its rough form it weighed 599 carats. When cutting was completed the Centenary weighed 273.85 carats, measured 39.90 × 50.50 × 24.55 mm, and had 247 facets - 164 on the stone and 83 around its girdle. Never before had such a high number of facets been polished onto a diamond. The true value of the Centenary diamond is unknown, but the diamond was insured for around $100 million in 1991.

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5. The Spirit of de Grisogono
Weight: 312.24

Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

The Spirit of de Grisogono, at 312.24 carats, is the world's largest cut black diamond, and world's 5th largest diamond. In a white gold mounting, it is set with 702 white diamonds totaling 36.69 carats. This diamond originally had a rough weight of 587 carats and was mined several decades ago in west Central Africa before being imported into Switzerland.

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4. The Cullinan II
Weight: 317.40 carats

Cullinan II Diamond

The Cullinan II is the massive 317.40 carat cushion shaped diamond in the center-front of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain. Cullinan II was cut from the largest gem-quality diamond ever found, it weighed 3106 carats, or about 1 1/3 pounds. It was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, who opened the mine and was visiting on that eventful day. The nine larger stones of the Cullinan diamond remain either in the British Crown Jewels or in the personal possession of the Royal Family.

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3. The Incomparable
Weight: 407.48 carats

Incomparable Diamond

The Incomparable, in its rough state weighing 890 carats, was found in the town of Mbuji Mayi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) in the 1980s. Four years were spent studying and then cutting the stone, the biggest piece of rough ultimately yielded a gem weighing 407.48 carats; it is the third largest diamond ever cut. Internally flawless clarity and fancy brownish-yellow in color, it measures 53.90 × 35.19 × 28.18 mm.

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2. The Cullinan I - aka the Star of Africa
Weight: 530.20 carats

Star of Africa Diamond

The Cullinan I, a pear shaped diamond weighing 530.20 carats is also known as the Star of Africa. It measures 53mm x 44mm x 29mm, and has 76 facets. It's called the Cullinan I because it is the largest of 9 large stones cut from the 3106 carat Cullinan Diamond. Cullinan I was placed by King Edward in the Sovereign's Royal Sceptre as part of the Crown Jewels, and it is now on display in the tower of London. Estimated value of Cullinan I is over $400 million!

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1. The Golden Jubilee
Weight: 545.67 carats

Golden Jubilee Diamond

The Golden Jubilee, with the weight of 545.67 carats, is the largest faceted diamond in the world. Rough stone weighed 755 carats and was discovered in Premier mine, South Africa in 1985. The Golden Jubilee was presented to the King of Thailand in 1997 for his Golden Jubilee - the 50th anniversary of his coronation. Prior to this event, the stone was simply known as the Unnamed Brown. Estimated value of the Golden Jubilee is $4-$12 million.

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Read about how to get good deals on genuine diamonde jewelry online. Read More.l

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Welcome to the dazzling world of gemstones! You will find out all the shiny details about gem stones, what type of gemstones can be found out there and how from dusty hard rocks they transform into that precious shiny ring necklace or pendant in your nearby jewelry store. Read More.


Now you should be able to evaluate and identify a genuine emerald from synthetic or fake emerald. Also you should be able to judge quality of emerald and also be able to find the source of emerald. This will help you in getting a genuine and good quality emerald when shopping at online jewelry stores.
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