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Sndgems jewelry guides are easy to use, interesting and helpful guide to buying jewelry onle. Our jewelry guides are indispensable guide to judging jewelry characterstics, distinguishing genuine from imitation, making wise choices, useful to all type of consumers, from professional jewelry to online searchers.  Our diamond guides help everyone in viewing diamonds as gemologists, diamond experts, diamond dealers, experienced lapidaries, diamond buyers and online customers.  Our diamond guides dissects each aspect of diamond value in detail with a wealth of diamond grading information. Our gemstone guides help everyone in viewing colored gemstones as gemologists, gem dealers, experienced lapidaries, gem buyers and online customers.  Our gemstone guides dissects each aspect of ruby, sapphire, ruby value in detail with a wealth of gemstone grading information. Our guides offers step-by-step instructions for how to examine and judge the quality and craftsmanship and materials even if you dont know anything about jewelry.  If you're thinking of buying jewelry online this guide is a best place to start.  Our guides will help you to know about jewelry details such as finishes, settings, flaws and fakes. Our guides cover diamonds, gemstones, jewelry craftsmanship, treatments, diamond and gems sources, appraisals. There is something for everyone.


The Timeline and History of Diamond

Given below is the history timeline of diamonds that details important dates relating to famous diamonds and the history of diamonds.

Buy Her the Perfect Diamond Earrings

Do you want to do something nice for your special someone with out spending a fortune? Flowers are nice but they die in few days, besides give her something that she really wants&ldots;diamond earrings. A diamond earring set is the perfect way to show her that you want her to be happy. Plus you will look like such a hero when she shows off her new diamond earring set to all of her girlfriends.

What to Look for When Buying Fine Jewelry

For centuries, fine jewelry has been one of the most popular gifts that people buy for all kinds of special occasions. While buying fine jewelry and fine gemstone jewelry is enjoyable for many, a lot of people can find the task rather daunting. Why, you ask? Well, there are a couple reasons.

Introduction to Diamond Pendants

When gifting a diamond ring it may seem inappropriate at times. A diamond pendant can be a perfect alternative to occurred moments with rings. Diamond rings has different meanings attached to it and the recipient can get mislead by its implications. Diamond pendants are just as beautiful and are perfect gift for all occasions as diamond is a symbol of love and affection..

Diamond Bracelet -a Fashion Statement of Today

A gift of diamonds is precious and brings a glint to the eyes of the receiver. An exquisite diamond bracelet sparkling on the wrist adds beauty even to the most beautiful woman. Diamond bracelets spell class and there is nothing better than a diamond bracelet to stand out in a crowd.

Introduction to taking care of your Certified Diamond Stud Earrings

Extra special care has to be taken of your certified diamond stud earring. To maintain a new look you cannot afford to take it easily as just as any other ring. Certified diamond stud earring is valuable as any other expensive piece of jewelry and if you want it to shine and retain its luster - for future years and even passing it down to your children, then it is important to care for your earring and follow some simple yet effective steps to look after it.

Yellow Diamond Jewelry

Yellow diamond Jewelry is popular jewelry for their beautiful color, stunning appearance and magical powers. The new yellow diamond rings, pendants, earrings and neck wears with a fancy yellow diamonds are stylish.

Diamonds Necklaces

Diamonds with their brilliant shine and beauty are always in demand. They are the epitome of beauty’s refinement and elegance and add that touch of class to its wearer. One of the most popular forms of diamond jewelry is the diamond necklace. What can be more charming than the look of a diamond necklace gracefully framing the neck of beautiful woman?

A Diamond Necklace is a Perfect Gift

A diamond necklace is the perfect gift whatever the age is, a Diamond Necklace is a stunning piece of Jewelry. Most people used to giving diamond necklaces to those close to them. Diamond necklaces are available in many different shapes and styles. If you are looking for a perfect gift, the most popular choice you will find is the diamond necklace.

Diamond Earrings for All

It is said that gifting a diamond earrings is one that will never go out of style. A magnificent pair of diamond earrings as gifts is a perfect thoughtful gift. Most diamond earrings compliment the dress and they are stunning and fabulous to look at. The reason that diamond earrings have become such a popular gift choice is that they can be given to women and girls alike of all ages. Diamond ear rings can emphasize the features of the lovely face of your loved one.

Stunning Diamond Bracelets

Classic and elegant, diamonds bracelets are the jewelry equivalent of create a lasting impression. Suitable for a range of wardrobes and special occasions, their versatility makes them an excellent addition to any woman's jewelry box. They can be used as a gift for anniversaries to momentous occasion and they are the perfect way to express one's love to another. No matter what your taste in jewelry, we bet you will be able to find a fabulous diamond bracelet.

Introduction to the Diamond Heart Necklace, the Perfect I Love You

Giving your loved one a diamond heart necklace as a gift is like giving her your own heart and life. Diamond heart necklace as a gift have been given there for many years among the rich and the powerful with great success. Like these diamond pendants are absolutely beautiful, this will make the owner special like she deserves. While wearing this to a party or a function, she will stand out in a world of her own.

Know Everything About American Idol Jewelry Favorites

The merchandise is everywhere: American Idol t-shirts, American Idol jewelry, American Idol accessories - all the things you need to make you look like your favorite American Idol! More than anyone else in this day and age, kids aspire to be the next Fantasia Barrino, the next Ruben Studdard, the next Carrie Underwood, and to get their shot in the limelight so they can let their talents shine.

Know Everything About Appraise and insure your diamond engagement ring

Generally, any diamond engagement ring is very costly and an average earner has to bear a huge amount of money that may be equivalent to three months’ salary and lots of savings too. Clearly, such a heavy investments must be first secured by appraising and insuring the ring.

Know Everything About Authenticating Of Jewelry

You see, to give money value to an item of jewelry is 90% or more of the work needed for an appraisal. The printed part is easy and often done with forms from a computer, with values from the previous inspection and evaluation typed in.

Know Everything About 10 Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing A Diamond

Diamonds have long been used in fine jewelry designs and are treasured today, especially in our most coveted type of jewelry - the engagement ring. This precious gem is expensive, and there are many things to consider before buying any type of diamond jewelry.

Know Everything About A Closer Look At Buying Diamonds Online

With all of the potential for scams concerning diamonds, buying diamonds online almost seems unthinkable! However, you actually can purchase diamonds online, without any problems - as long as you are careful.

Know Everything About Buying Gemstones

Buying gemstone jewelry can be fun, exciting and confusing. Whether you're considering a gift of gemstone jewelry for someone special or as a treat for yourself, take some time to learn the terms used in the industry. Here's some information to help you get the best quality gemstone jewelry for your money, whether you're shopping in a traditional brick and mortar store or online.

Know Everything About Buy solitaire diamond engagement rings within budgetary limits

Cost of solitaire diamond engagement rings sometimes goes very high. This is because of the constant demand of these attractive jewelry items that seldom go out of fashion. But more than being one of the most sought after, these are costly rings because of the costly single and large diamond. With some tips, however, the same ring becomes affordable to you.

Know Everything About Cartier Jewelry

There's just something about quality jewelry that makes certain people stand out in a crowd. Some might even say that expensive jewels are for egomaniacs who are crying out for attention. Others would argue that wearing jewelry is simply about taking care of yourself and that it's all part of self image and portraying who you are.

Know Everything About Cheap engagement rings - what steps will ensure the cost cutting

Due to expensive diamonds, settings, other features like metal and engravings, costs of rings often exceed the budget that was initially set by the couples. But once certain basics are in place, purchasing of cheap engagement rings becomes a lot easier. Here are some steps to follow.

Know Everything About Choosing a diamond engagement ring: Tips for men

Women are born shopaholics. They need not be taught how to shop, as that is what they do the best. Right from groceries to jewelry, they know the right place to purchase so and the right price to pay for so. Thus, on their engagement, the men can accept a unique and stylish diamond engagement ring from them.

Know Everything About Choosing rose gold engagement rings for rarity and designs

More couples now opt for rose gold engagement rings than before. This is because these rings are unique in colors and design. Many purchase the jewelry for giving an antique look to it. However, know all the details about the rings to make a more informed purchasing.

Know Everything About Cleaning Your Diamonds Without Damaging Them

Many of us have diamonds or other jewelry that may need to be cleaned. Our day to day activities cause these items to become dirty and in need of some care. Lotion, soap, and skin oil can cause a film to appear on your jewelry. Even if you don't wear your jewelry everyday it can gather dust in storage. Here are a few things you can do to keep your jewelry looking its best.

Know Everything About Places to find less expensive diamond engagement rings

While pleasing your woman, the true love of your life, with an engagement ring, have you ensured certain aspects of the ring? To avoid the shade of displeasure on the face of the bride and to eliminate all risks of spoiling her mood, the ring must be purchased very carefully, especially when there are plenty of rings available in many choices.

Know Everything About Designer Engagement Ring: Dazzle your love life

Love is precious. Love is sweet. And love is unique too. We all want our love to be unique. This is the reason why people often opt for designer engagement ring when one has to gift something special to his/her sweetheart. Designer engagement ring has become immensely popular because of the uniqueness factor.

Know Everything About Diamond Engagement Ring - ensure these quality parameters

Are you about to shop for loose diamonds for engagement ring? Have many suggestions come your way only to confuse you? You can listen to your friend’s advice but always remind your self of following basics when thinking of purchasing of a diamond engagement ring.

Know Everything About Diamond Engagement rings: Make your soon-to-be-bride feel special

Engagement is a memorable occasion where you make commitment for a long-time relationship with your special someone. It is one of the mesmerizing moments which you want to remember and cherish forever.

Know Everything About Diamond engagement rings - pick up a proper setting for more glitter

Do not think that purchasing a diamond is enough to make a great ring. The final look and aesthetic value of diamond engagement rings is largely determined through the way the precious stone is set on the ring.

Know Everything About Diamond Ring Insurance

If you are lucky enough to have received a diamond ring for engagement or just a gift or are considering purchasing one for someone then it is worth looking into insuring such a precious stone.

Know Everything About Diamonds Aren't Just For Rings, Take A Look At Diamond Watches

Diamonds have always had an appeal unlike any other. They are beautiful yet are not flashy, and can be worn on many occasions for many reasons. Women today are not the only ones wearing diamonds, men have begun to see the beauty of diamonds too and both are looking for newer ways to experience the beauty. Diamonds are easier than ever to find in stores and now a popular place to purchase them is online.

Know Everything About Diamonds: Most favored precious stone

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend and are still considered the most favored precious stone for an engagement ring. Whether you choose a traditional style or opt for a trendy diamond set platinum ring; the point is diamond will take your love to new heights.

Know Everything About Engagement Rings: Always go for the ultimate one

We all know that gifting engagement ring is the most polished and sophisticated means of displaying one’s love. And yes, diamond engagement ring is a sweetheart for every woman. Gifting diamond engagement rings is not a new concept, but started centuries back.

Know Everything About Engagement Rings: Complements love more than anything

Are you in love with your sweetheart? In the midst of passion? Then you should demonstrate your love with something unique. And nothing can be as unique and special as engagement rings. It serves a greater purpose than as symbols of beauty. It complements love more than anything.

Know Everything About Engagement Rings Go for style and elegance

Can you propose your lovely lady without an engagement ring on engagement day? I think, definitely NOT. Thus, don’t consider that engagement ring is just an ordinary gift that you can buy blindly.

Know Everything About Engagement Ring She is Looking For New Trends!

When a girl accepts a man’s proposal of marrying her, the first thought that comes is of making the moment ever memorable. So, you buy her an engagement ring. However, today’s girls should not be taken for granted when it comes to satisfying them with any ordinary and out of fashion ring. You better know about the newest trends of engagement rings to please her even more.

Know Everything About Follow these steps before shopping for gemstone engagement rings

When a girl accepts a man’s proposal of marrying her, the first thought that comes is of making the moment ever memorable. So, you buy her an engagement ring. However, today’s girls should not be taken for granted when it comes to satisfying them with any ordinary and out of fashion ring. You better know about the newest trends of engagement rings to please her even more.

Know Everything About Gift Ideas For The Lady In Your Life

Do you need some amazing gift ideas for the lady in your life? As a guy, it is difficult to find the things that you really should give your girl. You don't really know what you should buy and it is very hard to know what she will like. Women are all different and there is no telling what your girl is going to appreciate. But, you really would like to give her something special, something that she will cherish.

Know Everything About Handcrafted Jewelry – Fashion Redefined

Jewelry of any kind makes a fashion statement. But the fashion statement can be made more interesting by the choice of jewelry. Through ages, jewelry has been a symbol fashion and romance.

Know Everything About Home Insurance

Are you in desperate need of home owner insurance? Do you need to get a policy in place so that you can purchase the home of your dreams? If you answered yes to either one of these questions there is one thing that you will definitely want to look into.

Know Everything About How to buy affordable diamonds for engagement rings

Diamonds are expensive stones that everyone can not afford to buy. Some rare stones are certainly out of buying reach of many people. But if you are thinking of purchasing some loose diamonds for molding them on an engagement ring, you can purchase them within your budgetary limits.

Know Everything About How to find cash saving engagement rings

Very few earn enough to purchase expensive jewelries without monetary problems. Most buyers have to look for ways to cut the costs as much as is possible. This is true also for engagement rings.

Know Everything About How to find right diamond carat weight for engagement rings

Diamonds usually rule the couples’ minds when shopping for engagement rings. They can pick up a loose stone and ask the jeweler to shape it according to their specifications of shape and size to set it on the ring

Know Everything About How to make budget for cost effective engagement rings

Not everyone can afford to buy engagement rings with ease as diamonds and even gemstones are expensive. On other features like settings and engravings too there is a good amount of spending to be made.

Know Everything About How to rein-in overspending on diamond engagement rings

Many couples rush to the jeweler’s shop without having a prior knowledge of the costs involved in a jewelry and end up paying excessively.

Know Everything About How to shop for cheap engagement rings

Do not be misguided by the suggestion that only one or two moths’ salary is enough to buy cheap engagement rings.

Know Everything About Jewelry and the Stars: A Glittering Night at the 2006 Academy Awards

The walk by celebrities down the red carpet at the annual Academy Awards is probably just as anticipated by television viewers all over the world as the presentation of the awards themselves.

Know Everything About Jewelry Armoires

In earlier days, homes were not equipped with built-in closets and wardrobes. Hence, separate pieces of furniture like cabinets and shelves had to be made to provide the necessary space to store clothes and other items.

Know Everything About Jewelry Cleaning - The Cheap and Easy Way

There is no need to waste money on fancy jewelry cleaning solutions. You can save money by cleaning your jewelry at home using things you'll find in any kitchen or bathroom.

Know Everything About Jewelry For Charity

Jewelry (joias) is a common fashion item, worn by men, women and children alike regardless of social status.

Know Everything About Jewelry: Gifts For Men

Several categories remain bona fide for men as much as they do women (although for the more casual-minded man, earrings and necklaces are generally an acquired taste). The key role of jewelry remains the same: to accentuate or amplify the wearer’s wardrobe.

Know Everything About Jewelry Insurance

If you have diamonds you will probably want them to be insured. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where you have lost or damaged your diamond and cant get another one.

Know Everything About Moissanite engagement rings are perfect alternate to diamond rings

No need to worry if you can not find a diamond due to its expensive costs. Know that Moissanite engagement rings too are sought after by the couples. The gemstone looks similar to diamond and the costs are way lower.

Know Everything About Pave setting engagement rings - create dazzling impression on the viewers

Are you looking for rings that are a delight for the onlookers? Then, know that one of the spectacular and popular rings is pave setting engagement rings.

Know Everything About Places to find less expensive diamond engagement rings

A hurried purchasing of jewelry items is never advisable. There is a huge amount that the average earner has to fork out.

Know Everything About Preparations to be made before shopping for engagement rings

Before actually setting out for purchasing engagement rings, the couples must ensure that all the necessary preparations are in place.

Know Everything About Express your true love with quality diamond engagement ring!

Express your true love with quality diamond engagement ring!

Know Everything About Reasons To Consider Online Jewlery Stores

Looking for the perfect diamond? Intrigued by the bobbles and bling hanging off your favorite Hollywood star's neck?

Know Everything About Saint Patrick's Day Jewelry: They're Gorgeous -- and that's No Blarney!

March 17 is a very special day in the year everywhere there is an Irish population. It's not only the National Day of Ireland, but it's also the feast day of Patrick, Ireland's national saint. In Ireland itself, as well as in hundreds of cities in the United States, Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated with much fanfare.

Know Everything About Say "I do" with stunning diamond engagement ring!

The perfect way to say “I love You”, or “You are Special” is by presenting your woman an ultimate diamond engagement ring.

Know Everything About Silver Jewelry

An old classic piece of jewelry has made a comeback in recent years. Silver, which has been around for centuries is becoming popular again.

Know Everything About Some aspects of antique engagement rings

Past few years have seen a rise in popularity of antique engagement rings amongst the people. After the discovery of diamonds in South Africa in 1860s, the use of diamonds increase substantially in the ring jewelries.

Know Everything About Some tips for less expensive diamond engagement rings

If you are dreaming of purchasing a diamond engagement ring for your would-be-bride, then you may have to fork out a huge amount of money from your savings and monthly salary to realize the dream.

Know Everything About Some useful tips before shopping for diamond engagement rings

Do not rush to the jeweler’s shop for immediately buying a diamond engagement ring as you may end up owning an inferior ring and paying expensive amounts for it. First, go through the different aspects of the ring in terms of its quality and costs.

Know Everything About Tips before purchasing emerald engagement rings

Gemstones are popular choice of the couples when they go to shop for the rings. Varieties of colors and a dazzling impact on the onlookers are few of the reasons for the people opting for these stones.

Know Everything About Tips for buying engagement rings at low costs

Because engagement rings consist of many features, the final cost of the rings usually goes higher for a buyer who is not well versed in the cost-effective ways of the shopping.

Know Everything About Tips to know her choice of engagement rings

It is crucial to know about her likings and disliking when you are about to shop for engagement rings.

Know Everything About Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is one of the most special days of the year for many couples. Although there are many who will argue that this holiday is a commercialized holiday created for the purpose of making people buy cards, flowers and candy.

Know Everything About What engagement ring settings should you opt for?

While purchasing ring jewelry, take a good look at the way a gem like diamond is set in it. Engagement rings settings come in various options.

Know Everything About Why Diamonds Are Forever

Diamond jewelry: diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants and diamond bracelets are some of the most sought after gemstone creations.

Know Everything About How The Wristwatch Has Evolved Over The Years

Today the wrist watch is a very popular piece of jewelry. The wrist watch can be seen on many wrists where ever you go.

Know Everything About Your Basic Jewelry Wardrobe

It is not unusual to plan a basic wardrobe that takes you from day to evening and from casual to formal occasion and coordinates to extend the range of use of each piece.

Know Everything Keep Your Jewelry Looking Its Best

Keep your jewelry looking as good as the day you bought or inherited it, and pass it on to your kids. Just because you might begin to look a bit frazzled around the edges over the years doesn't mean your jewelry has to.

Know Everything Questions for Your Jeweler

We frequently hear that if you don’t know jewelry, you should know your jeweler. Actually, even if you do know jewelry, it is best to know you can trust your jeweler.

The Most Beatiful Colored Diamonds

Exquisite diamond jewelry is not limited to colorless or clear diamonds. Pieces of fine jewelry can also feature the vibrant or subdued tones of colored diamonds within their design. 

Know Everything About Accessorize Like Jennifer Lopez

Every celebrity has a signature jewelry style – be it demure, pink gemstones; bold, big designs; over the top with jewels; or elegantly simple diamonds. Here, Dasha Boutique jewelry designer Sarah Smith outlines the distinctly large and in charge style of Jennifer Lopez and challenges you to make that look work for you. Read on to find out how you can copy the trend - without breaking the bank.

Know Everything About Birthstone of July: Ruby and Ruby Jewelry

Ruby the blood red colored gemstone is a rare beauty. Ruby is believed to be from the family of corundum. There are basically two types of corundum. One is ruby and the other is popularly known as sapphire.

Know Everything About Diamonds: Most favored precious stone

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend and are still considered the most favored precious stone for an engagement ring. Whether you choose a traditional style or opt for a trendy diamond set platinum ring; the point is diamond will take your love to new heights.

Know Everything About Gems of the Rich and Famous

Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II: This monarch has jewelry. In fact she has so much jewelry that she has a special room to keep it in about the size of an ice rink, and situated 40 feet beneath Buckingham Palace.

Know Everything About Gemstone Rings - Stylish and Pretty

Some people still consider that diamond rings are the best choice. However in this modern life style diamond is not the only good choice.

Know Everything About Get Eva Longoria's Bridal Style – Simply White Jewelry for Less

When a Hollywood actress ties the knot, she often has her choice of dresses and jewelry, no matter the cost.

Know Everything About Get Reese Witherspoon's Accessory Look

Every celebrity has a signature jewelry style – be it demure, pink gemstones; bold, big designs; over the top with jewels; or elegantly simple diamonds.

Know Everything About Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Hello I am Going to tell you about a place that has the higest quality gemstone jewelry also a little history and some of the famous gems that have been mined there.

Know Everything About How to Buy Silver Jewelry Wholesale

Silver jewelry is not only beautiful; it is very much in style these days. Silver jewelry compliments anything you wear, and it is usually less expensive than gold jewelry.

Know Everything About Silver Jewelry

An old classic piece of jewelry has made a comeback in recent years. Silver, which has been around for centuries is becoming popular again. The simplicity of the color and ease of care has helped it along. Silver is one piece of jewelry that goes with all skin tones, colors and requires little care to keep its beauty.

Know Everything About Sterling Silver Jewelry Fashion Trends for the New Year and Beyond

Each year, on fashion runways from New York to Paris, Milan, and Toyko, sterling silver is "new again" as designers interpret it in new and exciting ways. What makes sterling silver a fashion perennial?

Know Everything About The Use of Silver for Jewelry and Ornaments

Silver is a white metal that is soft, which makes it highly malleable. It is easy to draw out into thin wire or made into different shapes. It is very attractive when used in jewelry because it can be polished to a high shine that ill reflect 95% of the light that shines on it.

Know Everything About Tips On How to Keep the Silver Sparkling and in Good Condition

There are some tips on polishing the silver to keep them sparkling and in good condition. In this article you will learn on how to polish the silver and what polish shall you use.

Know Everything About Why The Beauty Of Silver Is So Timeless

An old classic piece of jewelry has made a comeback in recent years. Silver, which has been around for centuries is becoming popular again. The simplicity of the color and ease of care has helped it along. Silver is one piece of jewelry that goes with all skin tones, colors and requires little care to keep its beauty.

Know Everything About World Famous Jewelers Inspire With Their Creations

More than just ornamentation for the body, jewelry has long served as a palette for artistic expression. From Bulgari to Cartier to Harry Winston, the world's famous jewelers have created pieces of bejeweled art that have captured the attention of collectors worldwide, as well as the imagination of those who appreciate fine jewelry.

Know Everything About Fair for Precious Metals and Gemstones

Fair Trade for Precious Metals and Gemstones - A Review in August 2008 Jan Spille Translation: Doreen Curtis, Cornwall Who hasn’t at some time or other thought about what is actually being achieved for society if s/he makes something as ‘crucial to living’ as genuine jewellery? On the one hand, luxury items made of extremely expensive material and, on the other, jewellery that, moreover, appreciates in value if it has a claim to being art.

Know Everything About Gold Mining Issues

Gold Mining is such a rich subject fraught with meaning both metaphorical and actual. Mining is a metaphor for so many things, some of them opposites,womb, tomb, search, journey, riches, poverty, darkness, discovery, to name a few.

Know Everything About historical problems and current challenges that face the sapphire and colored gemstone mining communities

Socially responsible investing has evolved and gradually worked its way to higher prominence in the financial industry during recent years, as has corporate social responsibility in the commercial and industrial sectors of the economy. That has certainly been the case when it comes to mining companies and developing mineral resources, most notably in the case of conflict, a.k.a. “blood” diamonds.

Know Everything About MAKING A difference, FROM MINE TO MARKET - Jewelry, retail jewelry ...

Nothing says "I love you" like a diamond and gold ring; after all, diamonds are forever - or so we are led to believe. The gemstones and precious metals we adorn ourselves with don't just pack a wallop on our wallets, but many jewelry pieces also come at a horrible cost to the environment.

Know Everything About Sapphire & Colored Gemstone Issues

In 2002, 50% of the world supply of rough sapphires came from Madagascar (USGS; 1), which is the world’s fourth largest island with a relatively poor population of 18 million and an especially high number of endemic species.

Know Everything About Certified Diamonds

Whether you are thinking of buying loose diamonds for mounting in a piece of diamond jewelry or as an investment, you’ll want to educate yourself ahead of time and learn all you can about certified diamonds. Not every gem mounted in a piece of diamond jewelry is valuable, so its important to know what to look for.

Know Everything About Diamond Grading Equipment

Are you looking forward to buy quality proven diamond grading equipment? Everyone is not experienced enough to determine the authenticity of precious stones like diamond, on the basis of the four Cs i.e. color, clarity, cut and carat. So, it is better to buy professional diamond grading equipment to make sure your stones are genuine.

Know Everything About Diamond Pricing

How are diamonds priced? What makes one diamond more expensive than another diamond?

Know Everything About Diamond Stimulants

The high price of gem-grade diamonds has created a large demand for materials with similar gemological characteristics, known as diamond simulants or imitations. Simulants are distinct from synthetic diamond, which unlike simulants is actual diamond, and therefore has the same material properties as natural diamond.

Know Everything About Best Emerald Colors

Cleopatra adored the satiny green hue of the emerald. The oldest mines can be found in Egypt near the Red Sea and they are referred to as "Cleopatra's Mines." Unfortunately, she was not alone in her adoration. From 3000 to 1500 B.C.

Know Everything About Gemological Institute of America

The Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, is a non-profit institute dedicated to research and education in the field of gemology. The GIA is also well known for its gem identification and grading services, and developed the famous "four Cs" (Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight) methodology of grading diamonds.

Know Everything About Gemologist

Gemology or gemmology is the science, art and profession of identifying and evaluating gemstones. It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy. Some jewelers are academically trained gemologists and are qualified to identify and evaluate gems.

Know Everything About Gemstones

A gemstone or gem (also called a precious or semi-precious stone) is a piece of attractive mineral, which—when cut and polished—is used to make jewelry or other adornments.

Know Everything About Gemstone Trade Names or False Marketing?

I'll never forget the day I was standing in my local bead shop buying my favorite big nuggets of African Turquoise.

Know Everything About How to Keep Jewelry Safe


Purchase a safe. For an extensive or valuable jewelry collection, the surest way to keep jewelry secure is to purchase a fireproof safe. Purchase a quality safe at a number of retailers, from department stores to specialty safe dealers to pawn shops.

Know Everything About Jewelry Appraisal

Diamonds may be forever, but not all are created equal – and a diamond appraisal by a qualified specialist can be invaluable in determining whether yours are indeed rare gems or little more than glorified lumps of coal.

Know Everything About Reading the Report for GIA Diamond Rings

GIA is an international non-profit gemological institute that appraises the value of loose diamonds. If you already have one or more GIA diamond rings, the stones were evaluated before they were set in the rings.

Know Everything About The Meaning of Color

Where does color exist you may ask? Some might say that color exists in the surface of objects or the texture of things. Well whatever you may think, let me tell you what the real answer is. Color exists in the eye of the beholder.

Know Everything About The Ten Biggest Mistakes Diamond Buyers Make

ASSUMING ALL DIAMONDS OF THE SAME COLOR, CLARITY, AND CUT GRADE ARE THE SAME Although GIA has made great strides forward with their new cut grading system (for round diamonds only), the system is nevertheless one of laboratory measurements.

Know Everything About What are Non-Conflict Diamonds?

If you are a conscious shopper, you will ask more questions when shopping for diamonds that just about the details of the stone.

Know Everything About What Color Dress Shoes All Men Should Have

What confidence when a man steps into the room dressed confidently right down to his shoes! Color coordinating your suit or men's outfit, with dress shoes does not have to be a mind-boggling process. Not when you have options of basic shoe colors to choose from

Diamond Jewelry Care, Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Diamonds are the most popular choice for making fine jewelry due to a variety of reasons like its beauty toughness, rarity, history, resistance to damage by heat or scratching. However diamonds are not indestructible .They are very vulnerable at the girdle and can be chipped by sharp sudden blows. You can pass your diamond jewelry like your diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, diamond pendants to your future generations without too much maintenance effort due to their durability provided you follow our expert jeweler recommended tips. Clean your diamonds regularly using a commercial jewelry cleaner, a mix of ammonia and water, or a mild detergent. Dip the jewelry into the solution and use a soft brush to dislodge dust or dirt from under the setting. Read More.

Buying a diamond ring may be the one of the most important jewelry related decisions one has to ever make. Our jewelry guides is designed to help you get the best buy possible.  Our diamond guides are highly informative - useful for first-tine diamond buyer, the gemologist, and the jewelry retailer. Its a must read for everone who is planning to buy jewelry online.  Our guides offer a wealth of information keeping explanations streamlined enough so even the first-time diamond buyer can confidently buy diamond jewelry online. Our guides shows you step-by-step how to evaluate diamond and settings in different designs and metals.  Its helped thousands of diamond buyers make smart decisions - and it can help you to. Read More.


Buying Diamond Jewelry at Online Jewelry Stores

Read about how to get good deals on genuine diamonde jewelry online. Read More.l

Gemstones Buying Guides, Expert Advice, Online Gemstone Shopping Tips

Welcome to the dazzling world of gemstones! You will find out all the shiny details about gem stones, what type of gemstones can be found out there and how from dusty hard rocks they transform into that precious shiny ring necklace or pendant in your nearby jewelry store. Read More.


Now you should be able to evaluate and identify a genuine emerald from synthetic or fake emerald. Also you should be able to judge quality of emerald and also be able to find the source of emerald. This will help you in getting a genuine and good quality emerald when shopping at online jewelry stores.
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Online Shopping Tips - How to Buy Authentic Jewelry, Genuine Gemstones, Natural Diamonds & Real Gold

What is a Genuine Gemstone? Know All About Genuine Gemstones. Read More.

What is Authentic Jewelry? Know All About Authentic. Read More.

What is Certified Jewelry? Know All About Certified Jewelry. Read More.

What is Fine Designer Jewelry? Know All About Fine Jewelry. Read More.

Genuine Gemstones Identification? Know All About Fine Genuine Gemstones. Read More.

What is Real Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium or Fake Gold Filled, Gold Plated? Know All About Real Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Palladium. Read More.

Jewelry Caring & Cleaning, Ruby Jewelry Caring & Cleaning, Sapphire Jewelry Caring & Cleaning, Emerald Jewelry Caring & Cleaning, Diamond Caring & Cleaning. Read More.

Genuine Diamond Testers, Genuine Gemstones Testers, Real Metal Testers, Authentic Jewelry Testers. ? Know All About Testers to Identify Natural Diamonds, Genuine Gemstones, Real Metals and Authentic Jewelry. Read More.

Sndgems Jewelry Trade Affiliations, Read More and Conflict-Free Diamonds. Read More.
Celebrity News - Red Carpet, Oscars, Celebrity Jewelry. Read More.
Fine-Quality Burma Ruby, Ceylon Ruby, Kashmir Sapphire, Burma Sapphie, Columbian Emerald Guides. Read More.
Complete Online Shopping Guide to ensure safe shopping, getting quality value product with money back guarantee when shopping online for jewelry. Read More.

Identification of Synthetic or Fake Emeralds from Genuine Emeralds Guidelines. Read More.

Identification of Synthetic or Fake Rubies and Sapphires from Genuine Rubies and Sapphires Guides. Read More.

Identification of Ruby, Sapphire Sources - If they're from Burma, Ceylon or Thailand. Read More.
Identification of Emerald Sources - If they're from Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, Africa. Read More.
Complete Online Shopping Guide to ensure safe, secure online jewelry shopping. Read More.


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