Introduction to taking care of your Certified Diamond Stud Earrings

Extra special care has to be taken of your certified diamond stud earring. To maintain a new look you cannot afford to take it easily as just as any other ring. Certified diamond stud earring is valuable as any other expensive piece of jewelry and if you want it to shine and retain its luster - for future years and even passing it down to your children, then it is important to care for your earring and follow some simple yet effective steps to look after it.

Professional Care for the Diamond Earring

We recommend having your certified diamond stud earring cleaned professionally, at least once a year. Cleaning Agencies and professionals use chemicals and high-tech instruments to clean the diamonds which the ordinary people are unaware and not advised to follow.

While cleaning and maintaining the diamonds, professional agencies and cleaners do check the strength of the prongs to ensure that they are not weak, loose, or bent. This is also important since the prongs hold the diamonds in a perfect fit in the ring and ensure their safety in the ring. A visit to a jeweler or a professional cleaning agency at least once a year to keep your certified diamond stud earring sparkling.

Taking Care of your Jewelry by self

Your diamonds as explained above should be cleaned by a professional, and it is also best in between visits to take the time to clean the jewelry yourself. We recommend you use warm, soapy water mixed with a mild or a much diluted liquid detergent. You could also brush your jewelry gently and is commonly done with a brush (available in all stores) to wash off the dust and dirt from the diamond stud earring. Always keep in mind to clean the jewelry without damaging it.

Commercial products such as liquid polishes, cleaners are available that are specially created to clean diamonds. Regularly wash your certified diamond stud earring at home and doing a professional cleaning once a year, will assure of bright, clean, sparkling diamonds that just looks as good as new.

Safe-Keeping your Diamond

It is recommended to avoid wearing expensive jewelry while you do heavy work or using chemicals. The diamonds of the certified diamond stud earring can get altered with chemical action, or it can get scratched, chipped, cracked, or there are chances that you can lose it. Even though diamonds are durable for daily use, at the same time they are expensive also, so it is best to take your chances in safe use of your diamond stud earring.

While keeping them in a jewelry box we recommend never store studs pushed together in one box. Even though diamond is the hardest substance, it can still damage another diamond. Scratched jewelry loses its original value and appeal and treating them is again more expensive..

When you store jewelry together in a fit mode, you can notice that they tend to become entangled with each other. It is always best and recommended to try to keep each jewelry in its own box. If you lost the original boxes, you could purchase small boxes and place jewelry in its own box.

If you need to take off your earrings, it is always best to carry a small box in your bag, so that you can safely place it in the box. Place the box in your bag, preferably within a zipped pouch.

Follow these simple steps and then your certified diamond stud earring will surely dazzle for ever, like as said "Diamonds are for ever".