Know Everything About Jewelry: Gifts For Men

Several categories remain bona fide for men as much as they do women (although for the more casual-minded man, earrings and necklaces are generally an acquired taste). The key role of jewelry remains the same: to accentuate or amplify the wearer’s wardrobe.

That’s right; buy your man some jewelry. It may well be the most unexpected thing to give him, because, typically, what man would expect jewelry? Suppose the question to ask is: why would he even want jewelry? The word itself conjures connotations of feminine desires, girly interests, and womanly pursuits; that is to say, jewelry is to female what cars are to male. Not even a self-respecting, politically-correct, well-bred, educated soul could deny that familiar stereotype. So might it be time for the average person to wise up to the limits of jewelry?

The most obvious and oft-occurring item concerns the ring. Some prefer to call it a band. Regardless of preference, the two words describe a circular-shaped metal that slips onto the finger. All too frequent are the golden ones. Ladies, give your hus-bands a little something different. Either spice up the gold-colored “traditional” rings/bands, or give them up. For what some may perceive to be a cheap move, go for the stainless steel or tungsten bands; they at least look different and at the same time cost less than gold. The price a little too underwhelming? Top it off with a diamond or two. Believe me, for what men generally like to wear, anything besides yellow can be considered to be more than a solid match.

And if your man is a tuxedo or suit-wearing man, then cuff links and tie clips should need no introduction. Unlike bands, either type of accessory comes in a variety of unique shapes. Don’t be so casual in selecting them. Decide on which of your man’s suit you wish to match, and custom pick each item for it. To give a gift that especially goes with a favorite suit can not only be a fun challenge, but it will also serve as a useful and long-lasting addition to the wardrobe.

Now to touch on one of the more sensitive, yet still casual, items. Bracelets can be just as nuanced as a band or even a tie clip. Who can say that only women can wear them? Bracelets are like watches, only without the watch. And watches can look bulky or even distracting; whereas a bracelet will always be simple enough to accentuate just about any outfit. For those men with a watch they cannot let out of their sights, let them know that they have not one arm but two. A bracelet on the opposite wrist is a perfect compliment for that weary wearer of watches. Just be sure to have them fit snugly, lest it slide and rattle like the getup of a carnival psychic.

So buy your man some jewelry. If he likes to expand his wardrobe, cherishes a certain suit, or just plain does not want to part with his style collection, then jewelry is a safe bet to enhance what he already wears.

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