Eternity Rings

Author: Ian Maher

Eternity rings are similar to wedding rings in that they symbolize undying love. But unlike wedding and engagement rings, eternity rings do not mark a specific occasion, but are rather an expression of everlasting love between the giver and the person receiving the ring. Eternity rings are often given for special occasions such as an anniversary, the birth of a child or a birthday, but part of the beauty of eternity rings is that they are often given for no special occasion at all. The gift of an eternity ring is an expression of love that can be shared anytime.

Eternity rings sometimes incorporate selected valuable gems such as sapphires, rubies, or emeralds, but by far the most popular choice is a ring set with diamonds. A common design for an eternity ring is a band with an inset row of diamonds, wrapping around the ring either half way or completely. Half eternity rings are lined with diamonds circling half way around the band, which show just on the upper face of the ring. Full eternity rings have diamonds which are lined all the way around the ring. Full eternity rings are more costly due to a larger number of diamonds, the need for custom sizing and possibly custom designing. In general, half eternity rings bear less cost due to easier sizing and design but have the advantageous potential of being set with larger diamonds than full eternity rings. Square and rectangle diamonds are typically preferred to round diamonds for use in eternity rings due to the continuity created when setting them end to end.

Spanning a diverse array of styles and varying price ranges, eternity rings carry the common symbolism of the circle band representing infinite love. Eternity rings are most often worn by women on the same finger as wedding bands are traditionally worn. The manner of wearing an eternity ring is a personal choice. Some women wear eternity rings in place of their wedding and engagement rings, while others choose to wear them in place of one ring or the other.

Though there are numerous styles and options available in eternity rings, the sentiment of everlasting love remains the most valuable aspect of the gift.

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