How do I get one?

How do I get an appraisal? To ensure the quality of your selections, sndgems.com includes an insurance valuation document with every purchase worth $2500.00 or more. We highly advise all our customers take the cautionary step of insuring all diamonds and jewelry, and this form will serve as notice of value and authenticity to present to your insurance agent or company. Once an appraisal has been done it is not the end of the story. Precious metals and precious stones are commodities, with prices that fluctuate. It is important that you have regular updates (every three to five years) to keep your insurance coverage current. You can be assured that Sparkle N Dazzle will provide you with all the information you need to make a jewelry purchase with the utmost confidence.

A Good Appraisal

What Makes a Good Appraisal? A jewelery appraisal is a complete quantification and qualification of an item of jewellery. This includes a description of the metal from which an item is made, the way in which it is made, the shape it takes, and the content. This description should be full of useful detail. The most important aspect of an appraisal document is not the final value, it is the thorough description which enables another professional to replace the item if it is lost or stolen. A photo is handy, but it is no substitute for a good description. The appraisal should clearly state any limiting conditions. The appraiser has a responsibility to you, the customer, to keep complete accessible records.

Independent Laboratory

Why an Independent Laboratory? An independent appraiser has no vested (personal or subjective) interest in the item you own or are buying. The objective opinion you get as to the grading or replacement value of an item by an independent appraiser is uncoloured by commercial concerns such as buying or selling. The independent appraiser looses that objectivity when he or she also sells. Beware of the appraiser who will offer to do better for you than the jeweller who sold the item to you in the first place; or who will suggest another jeweller that you might go to for a "better deal". Not only is this behaviour totally unethical, this "appraiser" obviously has a serious vested interest, and his opinion of grade can hardly be considered objective.


3rd Party Appraisals

Sparkle N Dazzle wants to provide the most enjoyable and risk-free shopping experience possible, so we have implemented several programs to ensure that you feel comfortable and satisfied with your involvement with us.


Assurance of value, a quality jewelry owners want. Sparkle N Dazzle has a team.

Appraisal Details


Qualified, certified professionals provide that assurance. All diamond jewelry items over $2500 in value are appraised at no cost. Appraisals are done by a third party independent and certified GIA gemologist. As with all our jewelry, you can request an appraisal for an additional $75 for lesser expensive merchandise, so you can be certain that your jewelry has been evaluated by a trusted third party.

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