Know Everything About Men's Diamond Tension Set Rings

If fairy tales are to be believed, the way a couple is supposed to get engaged is as follows: A man and a woman go out for a romantic evening on the town. At some point in the night when the moment is absolutely perfect, the man takes the woman's hand, gets down on one knee, pulls out a small square box holding a flawless diamond ring, and asks the woman to spend the rest of her life with him. She says yes, he places the ring on her slender finger, and they live happily ever after. Of course, the man in this story gets to decide later on, closer to the wedding date, whether or not he will wear a wedding band, and he would never in a million years be caught dead wearing an engagement ring.

Of course, luckily for us, times have changed. Now, it is much more common for women to propose to men or for couples to decide together to get married without anyone actually proposing to the other one. This means that while it's still almost universal in the United States for a woman to wear an engagement ring, these days, you'll find that it is also more common for a man to wear an engagement ring announcing his engagement.

With the market for men's engagement rings only starting to grow, the question remains as to what style ring a man should wear as an engagement ring. A plain gold band is one possibility, although this style is indistinguishable from a normal wedding ring. Another option would be a ring that has channel set diamonds spaced around the band. While still masculine, there is a touch of sparkle that makes it different from the traditional plain gold wedding band. However, even a ring with channel set diamonds around it can easily be hard to differentiate from a fairly common style for a man's wedding ring.

On the other hand, the argument can be made that if the bride is getting an engagement ring with a large diamond, then the groom should be able to get one too. Of course, if this is the choice you make, you want to make sure that you choose a setting for the ring that is masculine and that the groom will want to wear for years to come. A great option meeting all of these requirements is the tension mount men's diamond engagement ring. Not only will the man get a diamond, just like his fiancé, but it will be set in a way where it doesn't stick out from the ring or from his finger. Instead, the diamond will appear to float in between two pieces of metal. Even better, tension set rings are virtually indestructible, especially when made out of titanium, which means that even if he enjoys playing a game of pickup basketball or football with his friends, or if construction is one of his hobbies, he doesn't have to worry about destroying the ring or losing the expensive diamond he insisted on having. Plus, if you do buy a tension set men's diamond engagement ring made out of titanium, you'll end up saving a huge amount of money, which will make any soon-to-be groom thrilled. Not only is titanium stronger and harder than white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, titanium is substantially less expensive than any of these three more popular metals. This way, if he ever does happen to lose or misplace the ring, you're out far less money than you would be if you had purchased a ring made from one of the more valuable, traditional metals.