Know Everything About Floating Diamond Tension Settings

How to find a modern-looking, unique engagement ring that she will love as much as she loves you. A great option for a one-of-a-kind, modern ring is to consider tension set engagement rings. You might also find them called suspended rings or floating rings. It's all the same thing, so don't be confused when shopping around or conducting online research.

Tension set diamond engagement rings have been sold since the sixties, but have become more visible in the last few years. Many people are afraid that they are too delicate to wear and will easily break, but if you shop from a reputable source, you shouldn't have to worry about the quality of the ring In fact, they're often considered safer for the diamond than other, more traditional settings.

You are shopping for an engagement rings for your fiancé, if you don't want to buy just another cookie-cutter solitaire like all the rest of her girlfriends already have, you're probably wondering e no prongs. When women wear a ring with a diamond set with prongs, they are forever catching on items, especially if they have long hair which gets in between the prongs. Eventually, a lot of prong-set diamonds get loose and the prongs need to be replaced or tightened. There's always a fear that the diamond might one day fall out and disappear when you're not paying attention. On the other hand, with tension mount engagement rings, there are no prongs, and the diamond sits below the metal, you can't catch it on clothing or your hair and loosen the diamond. Therefore, you have less of a constant worry of losing the diamond without warning.

Tension set engagement rings hold the diamond into place with heat-created pressure. With this style setting diamonds appear to float between two pieces of metal, creating a unique look that you don't see too many other women wearing. Also, keep in mind that not only can you find diamond tension mount engagement rings, but if you want a ring that is even more unusual and unique, tension mounting also works for other hard stones like rubies and sapphires, as well. (However, because of the amount of pressure that needs to be exerted on the stone, softer stones cannot be used in tension mount engagement rings.)

Besides looking more modern than typical solitaire engagement rings, tension set engagement rings make diamonds look brighter and more sparkly since they allow more light to get to the diamond. If more light gets to the diamond, even if there's a slight yellow or green tint to it, it will appear clear and colorless in more types of light since more light will be able to get to the stone and reflect off of it. Even better, a this style setting is said to last for decades, if not centuries, without needing to be reset, while protecting the diamond from being damaged, so they make wonderful heirlooms.

However, make sure that if you are shopping for tension mount engagement rings, you only go to reputable jewelers who have experience with them. A correctly-made setting cannot be pulled apart by hand, and you shouldn't be able to physically loosen the stone. Before buying a tension set engagement ring from a dealer, try to get personal recommendations, check with the better business bureau, and check online review sites to make sure that there aren't any major complaints against the jeweler as creating this style setting is a real skill that requires an expert's touch and knowledge to create correctly.