Wedding anniversaries especially the 15th and 40th, July birthdays and sweet little grandmothers are as synonymous with the king of gemstones - the Ruby, as Dorothy's slippers were in 'The Wizard Of Oz'.

Most of us can relate to one or more of those snapshots in our own lives.

Rubies with their spectacular 'red fire' have always symbolized love and passion and this is reflected in this nineteenth century account in Les Lapidaires Francais, "the ruby, called the lord of gems, the highly prized, the dearly loved ruby, so fair with its gay color."

Today we would express those sentiments much differently. A beautiful ruby will always evoke a response acknowledging its unique beauty and the special place it holds in the world of precious gems.

I mentioned grandmothers as one of the ruby 'triggers' for myself anyway. There are others, but this is one that has stayed with me all my life as I remember the gorgeous ruby ring my grandmother always wore.

At a very young age it seemed to me to be a part of her - I could not imagine her without seeing that ruby ring. So, how did it get there? As enquiring kids do, I had to get to the bottom of that, and I asked my own mother. "Oh, that ring was given to her by your grandfather a long time ago as a wedding anniversary gift" she said. To be honest that didn't mean a lot to a nine year old at the time but as the years rolled on, and long after grandmother had left us the vision remained, and for reasons probably best known to that ruby, always will.

Ruby is the the traditional anniversary gift for the 15th and 40th years of marriage. While these two anniversaries require an almost obligatory acknowledgement of the gift of ruby, I think any anniversary is a perfect time to honor the devotion of a loving partner with this fantastic gemstone.

It is also the astrological stone for the zodiac sign of Capricorn and so July birthday girls and boys of all ages are in the very fortunate position to become possible ruby recipients.

At one time rubies were valued more highly than diamonds particularly in the mid-16th century when they were trading at up to eight times the cost of a diamond.

Ruby is found in a number of countries, the principle ones being Myanmar (formerley Burma), Vietnam, Pakistan and East Africa. But originally India was considered home to the ruby where the Sanskrit word for it is 'ratnaraj' which means 'king of the gems'. Somehow it seems so right when thinking of India in it's 'golden age', maharaja's, opulence, palaces, processional elephants and of course our precious rubies.

The ruby is an ideal choice alongside the diamond for daily wear. Ruby with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale comes a very close second to the diamond on 10.

A gift of a beautiful red ruby has always been associated with feelings of the heart and love which makes it a perfect choice as an anniversary or birthday gift. The color red has always been associated with feelings of the heart and love and a ruby eternity band containing a full circle of rubies symbolizes the never ending eternal circle of both love and life.

Settings of rubies in an eternity band or wedding ring are always in high demand. Used in this way they represent the continuous circle of love that will never be broken.

But - and it is a big but, be prepared to pay just as much or even more for a mined ruby as you would for a diamond of similar carat weight.

The price of a ruby is manipulated in much the same way as that of a diamond or any other precious stone. Supply is controlled to maintain inflated prices, a fact of life if you want to go down that road but there is another route that will save you a lot of money.

If a flawless 'pigeon blood red' ruby is on your shopping list but the price is an issue then you will find a publication that many people have recommended may help.

Entitled 'Today's Diamonds', which by the way is free just now, discusses diamonds and several other precious gemstones including optically perfect rubies, topaz, amethysts, saphires and emeralds all with an environmental footprint of zero and all carrying the benefits of certification by American International Gemologists. It really is a great resource and will help you make the best decision.

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