Heritage: Welcome to sndgems.com, the online collection of fine jewelry, designer clothes, designer handbags and luxury gifts. Since 1992, Sparkle N Dazzle has been matching clients with outstanding jewelry and luxury gifts. In this section, we will give you an opportunity to learn a little about us. Commitment: Our jewelry is a pledge of loyalty, a symbol of success and an individual statement that begins with a commitment of excellence. Excellence: Behind every piece of jewelry there is committment to the way it's meant to be. It is our promise of excellence in every facet of the jewelry experience. This promise means a higher standard of craftsmanship and a committment to personal service. It means classic beauty to last for generations, every creation a personal treasure from our family to yours. Tradition: The history of our jewelry is bathed in romance and elegance. We have learned the art of jewelry making and diamond setting from old-world craftsman, and then improved on it. We use only the finest materials from certified diamonds to premium platinum and gold, the best components are handpicked and matched for each design. Craftsmanship: For over a dcecade our company has been combining the best of old-world craftsmanship with the precision of cutting-edge technology. Reputation: We guarantee and deliver uncompromised service and integrity to our clients. Our jewelry exhibits perfect finish, setting diamonds in the best possible light, balanced in color and weight. Sparkle N Dazzle is a member of the Jewelers Board of Trade, which is an organization committed to holding jewelers to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry. We have an established set of basic beliefs, which are as follows: Establishing and maintaining a long-term customer relationship through trust and striving for complete customer satisfaction. Working with the customer to enable them to make informed decisions with the assistance of professional staff and state-of-the-art gemological equipment. Offering the finest quality jewelry and giftware with a broad range of competitive prices. Truth in pricing and honest, accurate representation of diamonds and other jewelry. We will not mislead customers into a false sense of value through "discounts" and false sales on over inflated prices. In the new millennium, Sparkle N Dazzle is expanding its presence through the Internet. Now, anyone can travel in virtual reality to our site to discover new treasures previously available only by visiting our store. Additionally, new clients from all over the world, who may not have the opportunity to visit New York, can enjoy what hundreds of thousands of clients have done so in the past. All our discount designer clothes and handbags are 100% authentic and are offered at 50% off.

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To what extent will they guarantee their merchandise as represented? Sparkle N Dazzle guarantees that the diamond you purchased has been graded with the strictest standards using the Gemological Institute of America grading systems. The sapphires, emeralds, and rubies in the gemstone jewelry we offer will display rich blue, green, or red color. And each gemstone must be translucent — not opaque like the gemstones found in much of the gemstone jewelry available. You'll find we offer only the strongest, most durable jewelry grade platinum. Pearls in all our cultured pearl jewelry will have medium to high luster; will also be mostly round in shape; will have clean and smooth surface but tiny blemishes are a part of the natural texture. All our discount designer clothes and handbags are 100% authentic and are offered at 50% off.

What is their return policy? We take great pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with an online purchase, we'll assist you with a prompt refund, exchange, or credit. Articles are accepted for credit or exchange if returned in saleable condition within 30 days, accompanied by a sales receipt.

Please make sure that they will stand behind their product and for how long? Assurance of value, a quality jewelry owners want. Sparkle N Dazzle has a team. Qualified, certified professionals provide that assurance. We provide complimentary third party appraisals on our jewelry worth $2500.00 or more, so you can be certain that your jewelry has been evaluated by a trusted third party. You can be assured that Sparkle N Dazzle will provide you with all the information you need to make a jewelry purchase with the utmost confidence.

Product Guidance: At Sparkle N Dazzle Co. it's our goal to help you recognize quality in diamonds and jewelry, clothing and handbags so you make the right choice. When purchasing a piece of jewelry, look carefully at the construction and quality of workmanship. The way the piece is designed, constructed and finished will have a major impact on how well the piece wears and holds up over time.

Sndgems.com Online Jewelry Store offers Authentic Jewelry with Genuine Gemstones, Certified Diamonds and Real Metals. Read More.


Three-Dimensional Designs - Real Lifelike Spatial Compositions

This involves skill to achieve volume ant to experience concavity and convexity that will attract all attention. The most common form of three-dimensional work is an object that can be viewed from every angle, and in full round. A three-dimensional form can have multiple two-dimensional figures when seen from different angles. Therefore, figures make up one of the elements of form. For a piece of jewelry to hold a viewer's attention, it must change continually as it is moved around and at the same time maintain an overall sense of continuity and wholeness.

Other Considerations

1. Physical Function: Jewelry must withstand the forces that usage places on the piece. Design strategies must anticipate whether the piece would be worn daily or occasionally; was expected to last a year, more than a year, a lifetime; was to be worn in situations where there was little movement/activity by the wearer or a lot of movement/activity.

The designer does not want the piece to pose any kind of problem of manipulation. The Design and Construction should be conditioned by anatomy and situation.

Physical Function is understood in terms of movement, Flow, Drapery, Flexibility, Rigidity, Volume, Weight, and Torque. It is understood in terms of proportions and sizes and coherency among the parts. It is understood in terms of the relationship of the piece to the purpose it is worn, or what it is worn with. It is understood in terms of how the piece is secured from loss.

You don't want to end up with a top-heavy brooch, or a bracelet that is too stiff around the wrist. You don't want a bracelet or necklace to shift position on the body.

Wide necklaces must be tapered conically toward the neck to lie flat.

2. Psycho-Social Function: Jewelry has many uses, including meeting the individual's needs for self-esteem, self-actualization, sex and sexuality, a sense of oneness and uniqueness, a sense of being a part of a larger group or community, a sense of survival and protection, a re-affirmation of values and perspectives, a connection to a higher power or spirituality, fantasy, personal use-goals.

3. Forms: It is important for the jewelry designer to think in terms of "parts", "forms", and the "piece as a whole". Forms are inter-related objects. For example, they might be sections of beads that seem to be thematically inter-related.

Design-control over forms enables the designer to create a "whole" that is more than the sum of its "parts".

4. Techniques and Materials: The choice of materials, particularly clasps and stringing materials, set the tone and chances of success for the piece.

These choices involve such things as:
- Type of material(s)
- Thickness and other physical parameters of the parts, such as whether they have been stamped, fabricated or cast; interaction with sunlight, ultraviolet light, heat and cold; how the pieces have been finished off
- Cost of materials
- Durability of materials
- Compatibility of different types of materials
- Structural integrity and integration of materials, particularly in multi-media art jewelry or related pieces

Each form should contribute to the whole.

You may use the dominant, subdominant and subordinate concept to structurally organize your jewelry designs. Design your own jewelry using the concept to give the design structure an order, but you don’t have to take it literally.

You can also use the diagonal axis to give your jewelry designs extra interest. A dynamic proportion between forms will appear as soon as you start using curvilinear forms with the same dominant, subdominant and subordinate concept but in a diagonal visual tension.

Use the diagonal axis to create movement and three-dimensional qualities. The three curvilinear forms should be arranged in a dynamic relationship with a good proportion between the diagonal axes to give the design appropriate visual tension. Remember that the diagonal axes also become directional forces, so make your design to suit your intentions.

What do you want the viewer to see? You can control how the design will be perceived.

Just like with the rectilinear forms, the composition of curvilinear forms should look structural. That is, it has to appear self-supporting, it must look like a structure and a unified design.

Design your own jewelry having in mind the dominant, subdominant and subordinate concept explained here. You can also design your own jewelry, following this concept, with metal sheet achieving wonderful designs by means of planes.

Take this further by changing your own position as a viewer.

Stand up and see the composition from above. Take two steps back from your work and look at it with a bit of distance, look at it from all sides and from the bottom.

If you get used to looking at your work in different angles besides the way you view it from the bench, the design can speak to you tons!

In another section you can also see how concavity and convexity lead your designs into the world of organic forms.

We usually analyze and express volume starting from the outside and then getting inside the mass.

If you think of it the other way round, you’ll perceive form in a much better way.

Convexity is perceived as a positive volume that pushes into a negative space. Concavity is the expression of negative space pushing into positive volume. They both complement each other and structure one another.

Exploring the negative space between positive forms will help you see the whole character, position and tension of your design.

You can also group two or three masses and add them to make a new abstract volume, like grouping little masses of clay together into a coherent whole.

The dominant, subdominant and subordinate concept we saw before comes into play here again. Work with the axis of your design, in terms of structuring three-dimensionally the mass, volume and space.

Look at your sculptural design from all possible angles.

Study how the viewers’ eyes are drawn around, over and under your design.

The negative space should flow around the volume, at first, keep concavities subtle.

Practice to mentally “see” the structuring elements of your design, those inside the outer surface, like an X-ray of your volumetric creation.

That means to look for the directional axis, or lines that structure the whole mass. Examine the surfaces that protrude and move to see if they are consistent with the axis and the planes that build up the volume.

Explore these relationships while you turn the design around.

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