Designer Handbags in Modern Times

Fashion experts have commented that the evolution of handbag style went hand in hand with mainstream fashion. As the role of women in each society evolved, the handbag has evolved and adapted to their changing circumstances. The style of Handbags also moved with the global economy, economic dips restrained handbag styles and boom periods by expansive extravagance.

The first emergence of the modern women's handbag was in the beginning of the twentieth century. These decorative net purses of the previous century evolved into more practical utilitarian bags with built in pockets for mirror, comb and change. As Women became emancipated, less dependant on men for escort the handbag symbolized their new independence. They could go anywhere, carrying their own money, notebook, keys, powder and lipstick, in their handbags.

The 21st Century has seen a huge rise in women's passion for handbags, with designer handbags becoming coveted status symbols and handbag collections becoming enjoyable for any woman of style. As a fashion trend, big bags re-emerged in response to today's work, business and leisure activities with all the gadgets they need to carry with them, Mac book or laptop, iPhone and iPod,

In 2008, with the gloomy economy casting a pall, like in the early Seventies and Nineties, women are reportedly turning to more cheap, conservative and practical handbag styles and the popular shoulder bag is making a come back.

Fashion trends like everyone and everything are inextricably linked to the global economy and a pattern has emerged through the decades of the last century. During a time of recession and financial crisis results is more practical and restrained, classic styling, whereas a boom sets flamboyance in women's fashion. Classic designs remains throughout both economic extremes and women who prefer classic elegance to following latest fashion trend will usually wins, as building collections of classic handbags that outlast the vagaries of fashion.

The pulse of the age is translated by fashion designers into the fashion trends and though right now it might feel the need to tighten and hold to our classic handbag designs. It is sure that the economy, along with fashion and style, will come full circle and eventually there will be another period of fun, bright color and frivolous extravagance on the way!