Designer Handbag Styles for Everyday

Vintage Designer Handbags

Vintage designer handbags are referred to handbags that are older than 30 years of age. "Retro" refers to bags 10 to 29 years old. Vintage and antique handbags are unique accessories yet traditional, that adds a personal touch to any outfit. Liking for Vintage Designer Handbags is a current trend, and is predicted to continue for quite some time. Vintage handbags are somewhat unconventional and should be chosen to reflect your personal style and tastes.

Vintage bags and purses are made of many types of fabrics, leathers, and other materials, including Lucite. When purchasing vintage check for fading, excessive wear, and broken stitching. "Mint condition" usually refers to having never been used.

Evening Designer Handbags

Evening handbags tend to be small - 12" by 5" by 2" or 9" by 5" by 1.5" or 16" by 9" by 3". They often sparkle with crystals, sequins, and shiny fabrics and have chain handles. Evening purses are stylish, but not large and basically utilitarian. Many are sold as works of art. An attractive, stylish evening designer handbag complements your wardrobe whether it's a party dress or elegant gown. Red, black, silver, white, plum, and cream are popular colors.

Some evening bags, sold as works of art in particular, represent symbolic themes, such as sin and evil or lust and eroticism. Black embellishments may symbolize dark and tainted elements. Such bags are conversation piece, used to get people thinking and talking. Some may be offended and some may be amused, but either way symbols or symbolism often enhances an accessory so that it is more than a mere designer evening handbag.

Shoulder Designer Handbags

Shoulder designer handbags combine city style with daily convenience. Designed to keep you organized, shoulder bags feature interior compartments -open or zipped, shoulder strap, credit card/ID slots, and a key leash. , It is desirable that shoulder-straps be removable or can be permanently affixed. With shoulder handbag styles, you can carry a lot and your shoulder takes the weight, freeing your hands. They are comfortable to carry and give you space without bulk.

Shoulder bags tend to be longer than they are sturdy and wide, made of canvas in most cases, leather, or denim. They come in white, brown, and black, as well as other beautiful colors.