Know Everything About Designer Handbags And How They Became A Status Symbol

Can any one guess which item ladies never forget to carry with them when they happen to go out for any reason ? .It may be an occasion of outing, marriage function in relations, shopping or it may be any other cause. It is handbag. Carrying a designer handbag has become a status symbol.

One has to be very much cautious in selection of the hand bag, i.e. size, type and colour of the hand bag. A slim lady carrying a big and heavy bag to carry only money will look odd. Carrying a small bag while going for shopping does not solve the purpose. Different types of bags with different colours according to the occasion and purpose are required to look better in the society. Considering this, the Hand Bag manufacturers have created several different Designer Handbags.

Different designer bags are Hermes handbags, Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly, Hermes JPG , Birkin bags, Designer handbags, Chanel handbags, Chanel quilted bag, Chanel Tote, Louis vuitton handbags, LV handbag, Gucci handbags, Gucci Hobo, Fendi Spy, Fendi handbags, Chole handbags, Chole Paddington, Mulberry Handbags, Mulberry bayswater, Balenciaga handbags, Balenciaga Le Dix, Dior Handbags, Jimmy Choo handbags, Prada Handbags, Kooba Handbags, D&G Handbags, Versace Handbags, YSL handbags, Miu Miu Handbags, GF Ferre handbags,Thomas Wylde handbags.

All above are Business handbags, evening handbags, tote, fashion handbags. All these hand bags
have become very popular among modern ladies in the society. While purchasing any bag one has to be ensured about the quality of the material used, it may be fabric, leather or hardware since all designer handbags are costlier than normal handbags in the market. Not only the quality of the material but workmanship plays a vital role for
making the designer handbag lasting long.

The quality of the designer handbag in one`s possession surely reflect the one`s status in the society.
Better the quality Higher the status.