Men's Designer Clothing - Evolution

Men's clothing evolved from fur and animal skin to the new generation outfits. With Centuries passing though, men's clothing assumed a new significance with changing circumstances. Men's clothing became a signature for social status. Decade's later man found the means to bridge his geographical gap with his neighbors through the platform of Fashion.

It is said that men's clothing became as diverse as the different cultures around the world. The Scottish wore tartans and kilts, Chinese men wore court dresses; Filipinos used fabric woven from pineapple fiber. Because of this diversity of taste, culture and style, trends emerged and fashion as a unifying institution was born.

Amidst this celebration of diversity around the world, haute couture emerged. This gave men's fashion a individual distinction- a separation from the rest, not dictated by social status, or profession or taste, rather by preferences.

Men's clothing became a form of expressing their Identity.

How a man saw himself was ultimately reflected on his dressing. As life became more and more complex and fast-paced, element of comfort was soon incorporated into men's clothing. A mantra became popular 'Looking good became as important as feeling good'. Modern lifestyles required clothes that did not require tedious caring, ironing and special cleaning.

In response to this need and as an impact of capitalism and trade, consumerism nurtured the discoveries and inventions of fabrics and process of cloth making. Nylon, Polyester and Lycra are man made synthetics that replaced natural fibers

The suit

The suit has claimed stake as the most appropriate ensemble in the pool of men's clothing for business and formal functions. Armani suits are quite popular.

The blue jeans

Levi's, Lee, and Mossimo are just some of the brand labels that have paved the way for what jeans are all. Jeans have secured its place as a symbol of men's clothing, from a workman's essential to a casual staple jeans are seen as flexible yet tough, durable and stylish.

The T-Shirt

T-shirts were originally undergarments worn by laborers; soon it became a permanent trend for casual wear.