Introduction to Italian Fashion Industry

The fashion and related industry in Italia has been known to produce classical and trendy world famous designs that can reflect the culture trends among the generation. In a way, fashion analysts used it as a good gauge of lifestyles and ideologies present with a specific era or generation. Fashion designers usually translated these ideas into art that one can wear and show the world of their thoughts and beliefs. Aside from artistic masterpieces and statements, fashion design houses have always demonstrated excellence in producing quality clothes that are masterpieces and functional and practical for everyday activities.

The designers usually specialize in three types of design: ready-to-wear (RTW) clothes, haute couture pieces, and mass market pieces. RTW pieces, on the other hand, are not produced in bulk unlike mass market clothes. These involved more specialized needlework and tailoring. You can find them in boutiques or high-end clothing stores. Haute couture is known for its rarity, originality, and intricate design. These pieces are extremely limited in terms of quantity produced, and they typically command a higher price. They can also be found in designer boutiques and posh clothing stores. Mass market clothes are familiar enough to everyone; these are clothes that target a specific demographic and are intended to be worn everyday. Retail stores and outlets typically sell these clothes.

Concepts and styles and icons in fashion design not only lies on the final finished clothing pieces, but also with the fabric used. Fashion designers always have a say in creating and selecting the fabric that can do justice to their ideas and concepts. Textile designers are equally influential in constructing an outfit as these are not just left to fashion design professionals. Textile designers decide on patterns, colors and textures that will appear on a piece of cloth, which will then be tailored by fashion designers according to the image of idea in their head.