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Born on 1932, in Valentino, Italy, Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani became a popular fashion designer who started the Valentino SpA fashion brand and company. Valentino gained immense popularity in the world stage by designing and manufacturing trend setters of exclusive range of the Haute Couture, pret-a-porter fashion sequence, and custom made clothes.

Giammetti, a commercial success met Valentino the designer fashion success and helped him to bring out the most amazing designs and innovative creations leading to a great success in the field of fashion designer clothing.

Valentino strived to bring in innovative creations and designs which created an evening wear range which soon hit the target audience and gained enormous commercial success in the Global fashion market. His collection included dresses with style and bright variety colors which was a unique for that time and captured the imagination of the customers. Most comment that Valentino's designs were comparatively traditional and reflected boldness, as compared to other world famous brands. He focused to set a new trend to combine elegance with beauty his designs were branded elegant and traditional. His designs were mostly expensive and meant for the women belonging to the luxurious side of the society. A woman from the wealthiest class could afford to wear the Valentino Designer Dresses, Valentino Designer Handbags for women.

Valentino mainly targeted the audience in the extremely rich category and this can be easily seen from his creations. His designs were meant to be the most expensive wear that had a feminine touch. It is said in the fashion world that, most collections lacked the feel of modernity and trend which was the greatest drawback in his creations, where as the major players like Armani or Versace or Dolce & Gabbana had a huge collection of the most modern clothes that attracted a huge crowd. Valentino's collection was only for the high class which also depicted the sophisticated dressing sense of the women belonging to that elite class along with their taste. Valentino was greatly appreciated for his collection by the legendary stars such as Merle Oberon, Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. Later on, in his 70's, the taste of his creation still remained the same as it was earlier. His designs still lack modern fashion and therefore are considered to be out of season old-fashioned and out dated for the recent trend that is set in the world of fashion.